Day 8 – The more the merrier!

Dan and I awoke with a spring in our step… ok so that is a total lie being that both of us felt like we were actually dying by this point, however we also knew today was our last full day of cycling as the final day was only going to be a half day. Surely we could push ourselves through another full day of pain!

So I bet you are asking yourselves just how did the above picture get taken if we are both cycling… well we did have another reason to be pleased today… we had the amazingness of an entourage!!! Think Tour Du France support cars! (Ok think Tour Du France if that too is a big green Range Rover covered in NSPCC balloons and posters!) Said support car was driven by Nikki’s very lovely Daddy and had in her mother, sister and brother all wearing very fetching green NSPCC t-shirts, to the french we must have looked like a bunch of escaped mental patient, or just simple ‘The Crazy English’.

The support from Nikki’s family was especially appreciated today as both Dan and I were starting to flag, now that’s putting it nicely! They did for us the best thing possible… they put all our panniers bags in the back of the car thereby making our wonderful bikes as light as a feather. Brilliant idea yes? That is until we hit wind, suddenly our bikes were so light Dan and I struggled to keep control of them as they felt very very different to the bikes we had been riding and had got used to over the last 7 days. To any one watching us it would probably have looked like it was wine in our water bottles instead and we were clearly three sheets to the wind! Of course this is already the recommended way to ride a bike in France, so we probably didn’t look that out of place!

The other slight predicament we came across with having a support car was they took our water. So although we both kept one bottle this we obviously drained quite quickly, not a problem surely we will just fill them back up at the car, that’s if we ever came close to the car again! We would see the car in the distance parked in the lay-by, a little burst of speed and we would be with them, so speed we did! We would get to about 5 meters away ready to stop and fill up, but noooo as soon as we got anywhere near they would set off again into the distance and stop. It was like a perpetual game of leap frog and we were losing badly!  We considered hand signals, waving frantically, weaving down the road, a flare if we had one, or even a siren (There was one on Nikki’s bike but alas it wasn’t loud enough!) anything to try and get the cars attention. Finally after about 8 times of doing it they did finally stop and allow us to fill up, their excuse for keep driving off… they were motivating us!! Uh huh… safe to say we were both already motivated enough thank you very much!

However we both got our own back. When we stopped to have a picnic on the grass, they all came and sat down with us… we looked like a lovely family of crazy green t-shirt wearers. As many of you cyclist will know, although riding the bike is hot work when you stop you feel the chill, therefore we went to put our jumpers on while we ate, as we opened the panniers bags it was like a mass exodus away from us! Safe to say the rest of the family didn’t eat much lunch after that… oh well that just meant more for us. One would think us and our panniers bags were starting to stink slightly!

At this point Nikki would also like to say a big thank you to her big Sister who is a trained occupational therapist. For the last two or three days Nikki had started to struggle with a pain in her knee and ankle, resulting in numerous pain killers and ibrophen gel having to be constantly applied, however with Kat part of the entourage today Nikki’s knee and ankle were nicely bandaged so she could continue on! That however didn’t stop them swelling and swell they did, her leg was now starting to resemble an elephants more than a humans! Thankfully we were near the end of our adventure and she would be able to rest it soon!

Nikki also encountered another problem today! Due to the consumption of food and water the desire to pee made itself know in a bad way. Now Nikki is not one to pee outdoors, in fact she has never done it before in her life, so unlike for Dan peeing in a bush was not an option for Nikki. That is until we had gone a further 2o+ miles down the same road and still found no toilet, by this stage the pee prance was actually painful for her and she was desperado! She was finally convinced to pee being a bush, as long as we never spoke about it (whoops there goes that promise!). So with a now thankfully empty bladder we got back on the bikes, less than 5 mins of cycling and suddenly we see a sign…. 500 meters and there is a rest stop with toilet!!! Safe to say that is the loudest Nikki has ever cursed!

While cycling through one of the numerous small towns France has to offer, we became separated from our entourage vehicle due to a diversion. The diversion sent them round the outskirts of the town but as we were on bikes we saw no reason why we couldn’t go through it, upon cycling about 100m down the road we found out just why there was a diversion…. one big ass fun fair!! Safe to say we had to get through it as fast as possible, as never mind Nikki’s head, Dan’s head was ready to explode with all the different sounds coming from every stall! We think each stall holder was having a competitions with the other stalls on how loud they could be and how many songs they could play, mix that with the sound of the children laughing and screaming and we were glad when we got to the end of it. I think it was possibly the most surreal moment of our day and not anything that we had expected!

After what had been a long and interesting day we were both very glad when the Largeon sign came into view, not much longer to go now! Upon arriving at the house there was such an amazing atmosphere, we were greeted like heroes returning from battle, OK so I admit that that is a little dramatic but you try cycling for 8 days and trust me you will feel that that is the response too! Keith and Jocelyn, our host for the night were really really lovely, we both can not thank them enough. They even agreed to doing our washing, though I imagine they probably needed clothes pegs on their noises (that or full on gas masks) as they put our washing in the machine. When we got to their house we were also greeted by a family friend of Nikki’s, the Blot family! It was lovely to see them and the thought that they had driven so far just to come and see us and wish us luck meant so much, although trying to follow a french conversation while so tired certainly had its problems. Dan and I were also well aware of the state we probably looked, with our sun burnt faces, crazy helmet hair, elephant leg, nasty clothes and of course that horrid stench that was now following us everywhere… if we had been Sims we would have had a green fog surrounding us! But the Blot’s didn’t seem to mind, or at least were polite enough to not mention it!

They stayed talking to us for about an hour and when they left we were finally able to grabs showers each and put on clean clothes, this was especially needed as the Hall’s (our hosts) and the Henderson’s (my family) decided to take us out for a meal. Being able to wear a dress again and feel girly was amazing, I can only imagine Nikki felt the same! (I am joking of course it was Nikki wearing the dress not me!).

The meal was lovely, though I think due to just the sheer exhausting we both found eating a full meal a little difficult, however our left overs were bagged up ready for the day after ( it was pizza, so easy to box up). Though the strangest part of the meal was that everyone in the entire restaurant seemed to know exactly who we were and what we were doing! It was like being minor celebrities, the feeling was rather freaky… although that wouldn’t be the last time on this trip we felt like celebrities…..

Thank you to everyone who supported us while we were doing this, we really can not thank you all enough! Our donation page is still open if you would like to contribute. Please go to and remember all the money raised will go to the NSPCC to help prevent cruelty to children! Thank you so much!

Nikki & Dan xx



“All things are difficult before they are easy”

I know I know, it was indeed supposed to be me doing a post last night and for those waiting with bated breath will of course know that there was no post…

For once I don’t have an excuse I have a genuine reason for not doing it, and for those who beg to differ, those are two different things, honest. As I told you a few days ago I am staying at my sisters this week and when I came to do the blog last night disaster struck…. I had no internet connection! Writing an internet blog without the internet can be kinda tricky! So hence why I am having to do it today, I am sorry if anyone was waiting desperately for my post, which of course I am sure you all are!

So I have kept busy while at my sisters, have been exercising, which yes is killing me, as well as working on sorting things out for the quiz. Dan mentioned in the earlier post that it looks like its going to be on the 8th of December 2011 at the White Bear in Barrowford so I hope to see you all there!

Dan also mentioned that he has not been feeling well recently so I hope he is feeling better soon and will be back on his bike before you know it. It’s safe to say this adventure is definitely pushing us both harder than we thought it would, but it’s also proving we are made of sterner stuff as neither of us have given up yet. In fact if anything we are just pushing ourselves more every time we feel ourselves start to struggle. At the end of the day all the money we raise is going to such a good cause and will help so many children that that is the main thought that is keeping us going, please find it in your hearts to help us raise that money.

So while I am already shamelessly promoting what we are doing and asking you all to get your wallets and purses out I may as well continue in the same way…

I think I told you all that I have taken to making brooches in an attempt to raise extra money, after all not to steal a famous supermarkets logo but ‘Every little helps’. So last night after my latest batch of sweat shop making between me and my sister I remembered to take photos of the products! This comes as a shock as I seem to have forgotten every time to take photos so why I remembered this time I have no idea, but remember I did. The fact I normally forget should come as no surprise as I have a memory worse than a goldfish, actually my memory could even be described as worse than a goldfish with dementia it’s that bad, and I am not even exaggerating here. Every time I write these blogs I have to keep re-reading what I wrote just to remember what I wanted to say which is probably why they are usually so disjointed… anyway what was I saying?

Oh yeah that was it… Brooches! So here is a stunning picture (Not using Instagram, honestly…) of all my hard work!









Aren’t they so colourful and pretty and all using vintage buttons, not that I am biased at all! I am afraid not all the ones in this picture are still available as quite a few have sold which is excellent news for the NSPCC but not so good if you had your eye on one. If you do see one that’s jumping out at you let me know and I can tell you if I still have it in stock. But I bet you want to know prices, they obviously cost an arm and a leg… I am joking of course we have tried to keep them very affordable!

 Small ones like these, as seen at the front of the main picture are £1.50 each from that £1.20 goes to the NSPCC 30p covers the cost of materials, the cost of my time is completely free!  The small brooches are around 4-5cm.









 Larger ones like these, as seen towards the back of the main picture are £2.00 each with £1.50 going to the NSPCC and 50p covering the cost of materials. Larger brooches are generally over 5cm.









 Finally, and I admit these are my favourite, are the tape measure brooches! These come in blue, green, pink, yellow, white, lemon and multicoloured (I don’t have any multicoloured coloured ones to photograph yet as they have all sold and I am waiting for more supplies) These stunning little brooches can come in large and small and are just £3.00 (sorry these are more expensive as supplies cost more for these) £2.00 goes to the NSPCC and £1.00 covers supplies!








What’s that I hear you saying, you love these with a burning passion but don’t know/see me in person how can you get your hands on one and help the NSPCC in the process? Worry not, I will happily post them to you, postage is 80p for the first brooch and a further 40p for everyone after that within the same parcel, and you can send me the money via PayPal, see you can all have stunning hand-made brooches too!

Was that enough shameless publicity for you all?!? You never know at the rate at which I am publicising and making these brooches I am going to need to get a bigger basket on my bike… maybe one like this:








If you don’t want a brooch but still want to help us and help the NSPCC you can donate money directly at if you want to help us but can’t afford any money we completely understand that too, we are looking for help any way possible, even if that is just a hot meal as we travel to France in April. Thank you so much for everything you are all doing from the both of us.

Nikki xx

Life is like riding a bike. It is impossible to maintain your balance while standing still.

Oh dear I feel that once again I am starting the blog off with an apology! I really should just hang my head in shame!

 I am so so sorry we have neglected the blog recently and our blog entries have been beyond terrible, I would be surprised if we had any readers at all left! But I promise you while our blog entries may be described as ‘poor’ I promise our progress isn’t so bad! Honest!

I have gone out on my bike nearly ever day since my head has started to get better, I admit I might not have gone far but at least I have gone out, though my thighs are seriously not liking me at the moment, every time I move they cry at me! Oh well what’s the saying ‘no pain, no gain’ well I definitely have the pain lets hope the gain starts soon.

Why when we started this months ago did I think it would be easy? Am I actually crazy?!? Please don’t actually answer that! It’s certainly taking more time and effort than I thought it would, yes I know this classes me as naive and definitely within the crazy element of people but please don’t all have me committed, at least not until I have raised muchos dineros for the NSPCC.

So other than my crazy ass bike ride how else am I raising money? As Dan mentioned in last nights blog we are doing a charity quiz night, yes I am just slightly excited about it! I am a bit sad I know to get so excited, but clearly I don’t live the most adventure filled life. When we know an exact date we will of course let you all know, but it looks like its going to be early December and its going to be in Barrowford and you know I am going to beg and plead every single one of you until you all hate me just to make sure you all come! The quiz itself is going to be lots of fun and then we are planning a few games for half time, such as the wonderful sticky 13 (If you don’t know what that is you HAVE to come now just to find out!). There should also be a raffle, I mean who doesn’t love a raffle! I am currently away at my sisters at the moment (don’t worry I promise I am still training and working hard even while here), but when I get home I am going round to all the local businesses to beg and pray for them to donate things for the raffle. I am sure they will have kindness in their hearts for me, I can after all be very persuasive as I am sure my friends will tell you! Wish me luck all the same!

Other ways I am raising money…. well it was suggested that I maybe do a christmas gift wrapping service, I can be rather creative when it come to wrapping pressies. So if you, or anyone you know, wants a bit of help wrapping please email me at All the money from that will go to the NSPCC and of course raise awareness for our craziness.

Thirdly I am raising money as well by selling flower corsage brooches! I feel a bit like I am working in a sweat factory as I have so far created about 50 of these brooches. Every time I sit down to watch tv I am making brooches… again!!!! I have sold 3 so far so that’s good, or at least its made me happy… like I said little things and all that! They are really cute and slightly vintage-y so I will get photos of them taken and get them up here. I have ordered some headbands as well so I will make some very Blair Waldarf-esque flower corsage head wear! Again I promise pictures to follow soon!

So yeah like I said above, the blog may have been a bit naff recently but we have been working hard to raise awareness and money for what we are doing! I really hope you are all spreading the word like crazy for us as well! You are aren’t you? I may cry if you aren’t! Oh well if all else fails and we are really struggling to raise awareness maybe we need to attach one of these to our bikes each:

(I would have photoshoped our logo onto that but what can I say, I’m lazy!)

Hopefully this blog has entertained, if it has please consider why we are doing this and consider donating anything you can. Go to to donate, all money will be going to the NSPCC. Thank you.

Nikki xx

“Let them eat cake”

Evening all!

I am afraid I am going to apologise before I even get too far into this post in case I disappoint anyone, but I have a feeling this may end up being one of these very short but sweet and possibly not very amusing post…. but that doesn’t mean you can all stop reading now you never know I may tell you something world-shattering-ly amazing later on.

Ok so you know that’s a big fib, I have no earth shattering news to tell you, but I will be quizzing you all later to check who read my post.

So as for the reason of the very short and sweet post is because I am exhausted! Some smart little red-head (Can’t think who I mean, and yes I am being sarcastic with the use of the word smart) decided today would be a good day to cycle to DW sports fitness gym (getting lost along the way was total part of the plan as well… honest), then doing over an hour and a half in the gym when I got there, followed by 100 lengths of their pool, which  btw was completely empty. I felt like a princess who owned the pool, you can imagine how giddy I was  in the there!

The downside to all this exercise… realising as I got changed again I still had to cycle home again! My legs ached so much! This is me totally shamelessly demanding sympathy off you all… so give me sympathy now… please….

So I bet now you all think that I went home and watched tv with my feet up? How little faith you all have in me! I actually cycled to my grandma’s, stayed and chatted to her for a while and then cycled home. So now comes the tv watching, feet putting up right? Wrong!! Wow it’s like I am a completely different person tonight. Tonight you can call me Nikki the amazing domestic goddess! I came home and baked! Yes you read that right I spent time in my kitchen (but you might have already worked that out from todays title), normally the only items in my kitchen that see use are the microwave and the toaster, so actually choosing to spend time in there is quite impressive. I made a homemade chicken and leek pie, a home-made cherry Bakewell tart, and just so I can class myself as a real blogger, some strawberry and chocolate french macaroons!

 I am sorry to burst anyones bubble, but this picture was taken for a cooking website that I got the recipe from as mine weren’t quite this neat… not that the phrase ‘disasterous mess’ come to mind or anything, honestly.

I know I am trying to be healthy and shouldn’t be making these, as they certainly won’t help keep me on the bike, but I decided that a celebration was in order. Why I hear you all ask, or at least I hope it’s all you guys asking or else the voices in my head are being rather noisy again! Well the reason for the celebrating, dan and I have reached the end of our first month of training!! A big yay and also a slight stomach wrenching fear. I thought I would be fitter after my first month but I guess everything just takes a little longer than my over optimistic mind told me they would. I think it might be time for Dan and I to start making some goals to work towards as we reach the end of each training month. Any suggestions would be muchly appreciated.

Now I did question as I was making the Bakewell and macaroons that maybe I should make something a little more bike themed as a celebratory cake and a quick google search produced some amazing ideas, which I very much recommend you all going to look at, but I am afraid a mixture of a) laziness, b) a desire for my favourite macaroons and C) intimidation by how amazing some of those cakes are, that led to me making what I did. The one cake that did catch my eye and make me giggle was this one:

 Seriously the detail and time that has gone into that is incredible. The article it is related too says it was a wedding cake! Just how much do you both need to be into bikes to have a bike themed wedding cake! I guess it would make your wedding stand out. Just in case however, you want your wedding cake a little more traditional here are some options!

So that was my rather full day and hence the exhaustion now, and the reason I am going to be very lame on a Friday night and have an early night with a good book and a cuddly little cat. We are both working so hard with this challenge and it’s all in aid of the NSPCC to help end cruelty to children, so please just spare a few moments to read why we are doing this and to donate anything you can. Go to to find out more. Thank you.

Nikki xx

“The one thing that turns dreams into reality is effort” – Boy am I feeling the effort

Pour lire dans le clic français ici 

Can you believe its my time to write a blog again, it feels like it was only the day before last when I was sat here writing one… oh, wait a minute….

I am afraid I don’t have much in terms of exciting new developments to tell you as Dan seems to have covered a lot of it. As he mentioned in the last post we have a huge thank you to say to Linden at Blackburn DW Sports fitness for granting us guest membership to the gym until our proper memberships come through from head office. Yesterday Dan and I took advantage of these memberships and went to the gym. I admit I am not the biggest fan of the gym. I am so self conscious and worry that people are watching me, and as a pale little red-head I am well aware of just how red in the face I go with any form of physical exertion… it’s not what a lady should look like. I probably look more like Bridget Jones than I would like!

Although the thing I do love going to the gym for… the swimming pool and jacuzzi! I will happily put up with the horror of getting into a swimming costume if it means I get to spend time in the water, I am such a water baby at heart. Can you guess what my favourite Disney movie was as a child?

I know I said above I had nothing greatly new and exciting to tell you, but I have just realised I have the most exciting news to tell you all. News which I am sure you have all been waiting for with bated breath to hear….


…. My bike is fixed!!!!

I know, how exciting! The wonderful people at Blackburn Cycle and Scooter center have looked over my bike again (I am sure they must have got annoyed with me keep taking it in) they lengthened the gears cable and now it doesn’t seem to be having any problems. So fingers crossed this is now it completely fixed! I will certainly be testing it and you know keeping you all updated about it, whether you like it our not!

Tomorrow morning I am hoping to get up early and cycle the 5 miles to the gym and use that amazing pool again! On Sunday the lovely Georgina is putting up with me as well as she has offered to come on a bike ride with me, of course she may later regret that decision when I keep asking her again and again to cycle with me, but I need as much encouragement as I can get at the moment!

So to end my post… I haven’t done many pictures this time (shock horror!) so as is my way I though I would end with one. Sticking with the exercise theme of the post I thought I would share this picture with you, I know if nothing else it will tickle my mother.

Getting children to exercise can be hard these days, seems this mother has found a way….

 … by stealing her sons bike and getting him to chase her!

Thank you so much for continuing to read our blogs and supporting us, to read why we are doing this and to donate anything you can to this wonderful cause please go to Thank you so much.

Nikki xx

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

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Evening all!

Last night I posted on Facebook a sneaky peak of one of the photos from the photo shoot we had on Monday afternoon. If you aren’t part of our Facebook group I have to ask, why not?!? I am joking, I know some of you just aren’t up to date enough with these young ‘uns to know about Facebook, *cough, my parents*. So if you haven’t seen the picture, here it is:

I love this picture! So much so it is now my profile picture on Facebook. However others seem to have had a different opinion and my choice of bike riding outfit has come into question! Or should I say more exactly what I am wearing on my feet!

Now this has led me to ask myself who decide on the rule that if you are riding a bike you must wear flat shoes? I hate flat shoes, I am sure I am not the first woman in history to ever say that! I feel short, and if there is one thing I hate to feel its short. I know,  I know, you are all going to tell me that I am sat down so what is on my feet should make no different to my height, but trust me it does! I feel graceful and pretty and like a lady and I sit taller on my bike while in heels, and with poise and elegance… ok so  as you can tell in my head I am still pretending I am Kelly Brook from my earlier post, let me go on dreaming.

But who wouldn’t feel pretty, elegant and lady-like on their bike wearing these:

 My Vivienne Westwood‘s are pure heaven!

It’s all really about a little bit of balance when it comes to cycling in heels, but then isn’t that the case when walking in heels aswell?!? You just have to make sure you cycle on the ball of your foot and don’t catch the heel, as nothing is worse than knowing you have just ruined your favourite pair of heels! Secretly don’t you just envy that girl who doesn’t let her outfit dictate whether she rides her bike or drives her car? I know I do, as while I don’t have a problem with the footwear, the dresses can still cause a few little hick ups as I head downhill, I always worry I am going to end up look a little like this:

 Now that would be embarrassing, and not something the world needs to be subjected to!!

But am I the only crazy person out there wearing high heels to bike ride? Of course not!! There are people all over the world who have mastered the slightly tricky art of riding in heels. There are websites dedicated to it in fact! In New York a special bike rack has been created for that shoe loving, bike riding lady about town, and I have to say I LOVE it:

 Do you think I can get one fitted in my garden?

But honestly how many pairs of heels can I have right? Surely I will get bored soon and go back to wearing sensible flat cycling shoes? Well safe to say I have one or two to choose from:

 or technically maybe more like over 300…

So I am afraid to say you are going to have to put up with seeing my cycling in heels for a while to come yet. Sorry Lance Armstrong you can keep your spandex. You can compete in the Tour de France, I’ll compete in the Tour de Stylish!

Lets also try to keep a little perspective here, I am after all riding a bike, which will involve sitting down for the most part, I am not attempting to say, rock climb in heels:

Play football in heels:

or go scuba diving in heels:

So I think I am going to be safe… but hey, you never know if my obsession with high heels gets total crazy I may just end up riding to France in this:

As Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” I don’t plan on conquering the world yet, just the 650 miles to France. If you want to help us along the way so we can raise some much-needed money for this amazing charity please go to thank you.

Nikki xx


Whats the harm in a little self publicity…

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The first thing I have to do is hugely apologise to all you lovely readers out there, it was completely supposed to be me writing a blog last night and as you all saw no blog happened. So here is where I start with all the excuses!

The truth is I was just far too tired last night to even attempt to start being witty and writing a blog! I had only had about 3 and a half hours sleep on saturday night/sunday morning, then when I got back Sunday lunchtime from Manchester my whole family were here. To say I don’t see my parents and little brother much is an understatement, as they live in France I see them maybe 3 to 4 times a year, so it was lovely to see them. My big sister also came up from Sheffield were she lives with her husband. So we took my grandmother and all went out for a meal (Don’t worry I will talk about bikes at some point in this post!). Here is a picture of my lovely family from last night, purely to take up room so it looks like I am writing more and Dan doesn’t tell me off for such a naff post!

Sorry the quality is terrible I am possibly one of the last people in the world to still own an iPhone 3G with naff camera!!

Anyway, as you can imagine by the time I got in from the meal I was exhausted, add to that the couple of glasses of wine I had with my meal and I pretty much just fell into bed and any hope of doing a blog was long gone.

So now I will tell you all about my Saturday evening! I was photographing the Caravan Society Variety Performance Gala Ball 2011, try saying that when you have had a few drinks! The caravan society has nothing to do with Caravans, it is actually a charity organisation to help green grocers, and not Mr. Bloggs on the street corner fruit stall, we are talking green grocers like the Co-Operative. Big names in the world of food and retail, basically the charity helps people who are out of work, injured etc, it’s a big event that is held every year. As for the name? I have no idea why its called Caravan Society, I have photographed the ball for a few years now and never yet had that question answered!

I know previously I told you I worked in the funeral industry and now I am saying I am photography, the funeral job is a my day job, the photography I just do freelance, it’s a long and rather dull story.

But anyway, you all would have been proud of me and my shameless advertising of what we are attempting to do. Anyone who talked to me I somehow found a way to bring up what I was doing and hand out lots and lots of business cards. With people like Antony Costa, Signature from BGT, the Rockabellas and Bruce Airhead, as well as important names such as CO-OP, Mars, Heinz, Heineken, coca-cola and Warburtons it was certainly a good crowd to be getting our name about. The night was really good and I think fun was had by all! I always feel really privileged to be part of this amazing night, and I am so pleased with how it all went. Here are a few photos from the fantastic evening that I thought I would share with you all.

But other than publicising what we are doing, I haven’t done much else with regards to riding my bike, work and family life seem to have taken over a bit over the last few days. Alas I was not able to ride my bike on Saturday to the event and had to use public transport instead, as I couldn’t find a way of attaching my overnight bag, my ball gown, my camera AND my step ladders all to the bike without looking like this:

As promised that was me at least mentioning a bike!!

So that was my weekend guys, sorry this post isn’t one of my best but I will try making up for it tomorrow. Please if you haven’t done so already, please support us in any way you can, so we can help this amazing charity. Please go to to donate.

Nikki xx