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Helping to raise money for the NSPCC

I know I promise Dan that I would do a blog post last night, but my head was bad and instead of being all bright and perky and ready to write a blog instead I looked liked this:

Bad bad head day!

(Please no one ask me what I will do if I have one of my bad days while on the actual cycle as I have already had my mother ask me and the truth is I just don’t know!) Anyhoo, so yeah, that’s why I have to apologise to Dan about my lack of blogging as not even the prospect of laughing at Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on Channel 4 could get me out of bed yesterday!

But anyway back to whats going on in the world of R2R! For a start can you believe it is only 16 days away… yes you did just read that right I said 16 days, as in just over two weeks…. I am not scared yet at all, honestly….

Dan and I have been training, obviously, in fact Dan even got up really early on Saturday morning and went for a 3 hour-long ride before then going to work and doing a crazily long shift til 11pm, now that is dedication! If you want to have a look at his ride you can click on this link here. Then we have of course been out on rides together, in fact on Monday I went out on my bike instead of spending time with my Daddy on one of his rare trips to England so I would say I am pretty dedicated myself! Speaking of Monday’s ride I have discovered something I like….. SPEED!!! As we cycled along the canal I discovered that I liked going fast. Now if you are only just tuning into this blog this might sound like a strange thing to say as surely it is a very normal thing to like going fast, however, if you have followed me from the beginning you will know that I am the female equivalent of James May, I am Princess Slow, I am the girl who brakes when going down hill and who has never needed her top speed as she has never gone fast enough to warrant using it.  After Monday that has changed, it is like Dan and I where racing and he struggled to keep up at times!! I admit at first I was a little scared I would go INTO the canal and not along side it, but when I got past that fear it was awesome!! Speed has a slight side effect on me though… it sends me a little bit crazy, just ask Dan about that, I think I maybe did his head in just a tad!

In other good news about our Monday ride, we spread the word like crazy about what we are doing, people seemed genuinely interested, and one really kind lady donated £5! I was a very happy smiley little cyclist!

Speaking of donations we are doing so well! More donations are coming in through the website at including a very generous donation of £50 from Tim and Esnayder. Donations are also coming in thick and fast from the lovely kind shoppers at Spar Barrowford where Dan works! Big yay!! 😀 We have also had £20 donated on a gift card from Tesco’s Great Harwood for food along the way. Our shiny voucher from Tesco Great Harwood But the best news yet… we have all our nights accommodation sorted!! More about that coming soon, just watch this space….

In other news, tickets are selling well for the Charity concert that Sahara are putting on for us at KoKo’s in Burnley on 23rd March. More information can be found on Facebook: Tickets can be purchased from either myself and Dan or from Tickets are £5 if purchased in advanced and £8 on the door, all the money raised is going to the NSPCC. We hope to see you all there!

Thank you to everyone for the support that you are giving us, we are starting to get nervous now but the continued support you are giving is definitely helping to quell those nerves! If you would like to donate please go to all the money raised is going to the NSPCC to help stop cruelty to children.

Nikki xx




A story of triumph followed by a tale of horror… just a normal day in my life!

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Today my head was feeling better (more about that later) and it was time to get back on my bike!

After advice off the parents I decided to ride to Clitheroe and to go along the roads as I could do with the practise dealing with cars. Seriously why do they have to get so close, and why do they have to pull out on you… trust me its harder for me to get going again, than you in you powerful car! Then when you DO stop to let them through a tight spot why don’t they thank you?!? If I was a car you would thank me… sorry mini rant over, though I am sure other cyclist have these same problem with cars as me!

I was so proud of myself, despite the crazy heat wave we are having here in England at the moment today I conquered two of my nemesis’! I made it up the hill to my grandmothers which has bested me everyday since I have had the bike AND I made it up the hill that goes on forever on Church Street in Great Harwood, which again has done its utmost best to defeat me, and today is the first day I did not let it! In fact every hill and incline I approached today I conquered. I did not get off my bike once til I reached Clitheroe, which from my house is 10.2 miles away! Though I didn’t get off I did stop once or twice on the flat bits to drink water. Like I said it was a crazily hot day, I even had to wear sun tan lotion… in October. So yeah lots of stopping to make sure I was keeping hydrated.

Once in Clitheroe I had a nice ice-lolly and nosy at some of the shops, before cycling home.

I am afraid however, unlike my beloved Disney princess stories, this one does not have a happy ending! In fact it practically turns into a horror story now…

Cycling back was going well, I admit I was getting a little too warm but nothing to worry about, I am just thankful April should be cooler when we do this. I had made it the first four miles back to Whalley when the first stumble on my otherwise pleasant day happened. I was at a roundabout waiting patiently for the people on the right, as you do, when it was clear I set off across the round about only to come tumbling off as a bike cut me up. Yes you did just read that right it was a BIKE! One of my own kind. I expect a certain amount from cars, but bikes!!! This idiot on his bike overtook me as I was setting off and cut me off to take the first exit, sending me to the pavement… and he didn’t even stop to check I was ok! You can imagine just how angered I was, but I dusted myself off and got back on, after all I guess its like riding a horse, you have to come off a certain amount of times.

Now looking back I maybe should have seen this as a bad omen and given up for the day and caught the bus home, but where would my sense of adventure be if I did that…

Enter disaster number two. If you though the first was bad, this second tale manages to break not just me but the bike as well. Ok so I am being a tad over dramatic, it wasn’t quite that bad.

On leaving Whalley and heading back to the main road that leads to Great Harwood, I hit a bump. I have to admit I hadn’t seen the bump as I was concentrating on the cars, but dear lord did I feel it as so did my bike! My poor little less than a week old bike made a horrible noise and the seat completely changed position, so it now sat like this:

Yeap, its lower and completely pointing in the wrong direction! My brakes where suddenly catching and making a horrid noise and my gears just didn’t seem 100% right… it really was a bad bump!

I did say above it broke me too. This bump caused a horrible stabbing pain in my lower abdomen . I thought nothing of this pain at that time, that was until I had to push my bike home the remaining 6 miles. I had to push it as I can’t ride it safely at the moment. (Don’t worry I am sure my bike will have a happy ending as I am going to take it to Blackburn cycle & scooter center on Tuesday to get the experts there to look at it, i will be back on it in no time!)

As for me and my pain, the walk home actually made it worse and worse, until by the time I got home I was practically in tears and hunched over like a little lady while trying to push my bike. As soon as I got in I led very very still on the bed til it passed, I am feeling better now, though it still hurts a little when I move. If I am still having problems on monday I will go see my doctor, so don’t worry mummy and daddy who are currently reading this there is no need to panic.

While we are on about my health I said I would get tell you more about my headaches. I have struggled with my head for a while now, I have seen specialists and am on different tablets and things to help control the problem. Normally I can get by day-to-dayl with only a small amount of pain but some days, like yesterday, the pain stops me from doing anything and everything. I am finding that being on the bike is causing me a few head problems, once I have finished a ride, I find my head is pounding for a few hours. I am not sure if it is a case of my helmet being too tight (I do after all have a crazy large Henderson head), or I am not drinking enough water while I am riding (maybe it is too hot) or maybe its just that I am not used to exercise. Either way I hope to get this sorted before we set off in April and I can get the pain down to a manageable level.

So now that I have bored you all with my health history I will finally shut up! Please please make all the pain and effort I am going through worth it by supporting us at and help to raise money for the NSPCC. Thank you.

Nikki xx