We all have off days

As Nikki said, I have been working long hours recently, so when it came to writing a blog entry, all I wanted to do was fall asleep! But, after a full nights sleep, I’m back!

So, as the title says, we all have off days, however on my off days it seems that I injure myself on the bike. Last thursday was no exception!

We were on the way to Skipton, when just outside Gargrave I came off the bike again, or rather didn’t as the case was. The front wheel must have hit a rock and I lost balance, but as I was clipped on, I went down with the bike. Nikki, who was behind, had the horrible feeling that I’d broken my leg given how I landed. Thankfully it was just swollen and bruised. Its now one massive bruise!

As well as the huge bruise, I also got road rash. Now Nikki thinks this should be a game of spot the body part, so heres a poll for you to pick an answer from.

One thing about the day I found highly amusing was Nikki’s trainers. This was the first day that our cycle clothing was matching, making it clear we were doing something for the NSPCC. As my cycle shoes are a dark grey colour, Nikki had bought some new trainers, as her old ones had a hole in the sole. Nikki hates trainers! The amusing part was the quote of “I’ll happily pay over £100 for a pair of heels, but I’m not willing to pay more than £10 for trainers!”. To be honest, I think she’d rather cycle bare foot than wearing them!

Today we are both unable to go out on the bikes, even though we wish we could given the practically tropical weather we have here at the minute (its sunny AND warm! In the north of the UK!). The reason for this is that both bikes are currently in the shops being checked over ready for the trip, which is now only a week away! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about it! However, tonight is another R2R milestone, the Charity Gig at Koko’s in Burnley. Its not too late to get tickets. Sahara will be headlining the event, then DJ Jim Random of NSB Radio will keep the party going till the early hours! We hope to see you all there! you can get tickets in the following ways…

1) Buy them from http://www.sahara-online.co.uk

2) Buy them directly from Nikki or myself

3) Contact us directly and we will add you to the guest list so that you pay £5 at the door

4) Donate £5 at http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge and we will add you to the pre-paid guestlist

5) Show up with a flyer that will be distributed in town tonight for £5 entry

or 6) Just show up (although that will be £8 on the door)

All proceeds will go to the NSPCC.



Just one or two upcoming events like say… Cycling to France!!!

Hello everyone….

Oh my gosh can you honestly believe it is less than two weeks now! I am so scared!! :S But by this time in twos weeks we will be underway on our second day and will have thankfully completed our toughest day as Day one is the longest and the hilliest!

But anyway I didn’t come on here to ramble on about my fear of setting off I came to tell you about some exciting things that we have happening!!  I will go down in order of when the events are happening:

The Sahara gig followed by DJ Jim Random

Friday 23rd March from 7pm onwards

Friday 23rd March from 7pm onwards

Ok so I am really looking forward to this event as its also going to be a leaving party for Dan and I, as it is just over a week before we set off. I wish to offer a big thank you to Sahara for setting this all up for us and kindly donating their time as well. I am also looking forward to hearing DJ Jim Random from NSB radio playing as well, as he will keep the party going until the early hours of the morning, so it is well worth buying a ticket to come down as its set to be one of the best nights Burnley has seen in a while.  Tickets are £5 if purchased in advance and £8 if bought on the door. If you do want to buy a ticket in advance if can be done in one of several ways, the first is going to the Sahara website and purchasing directly from there, the second is buying tickets directly from Dan and I and the third is paying the £5 onto our virginmoneygiving page with your name and we will put you on the guest list. It really should be an amazing night and please encourage everyone you can to come down as after all you are going to have a good night and know that at the same time you are raising money for such a good cause!!

DJ Jim Random from NSB radio







The setting off Party!

Ok so this is the big scary one, that no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to avoid! This is the day we set off. I admit at the moment I can’t tell you a lot of details. The facts that I do know is it’s going to be on Saturday the 31st of March we are setting off between 9 and 9.30am so people should get there from 8.45 onwards, it’s going to be on the High Street in Rishton, I am going to ask if we can do it outside the library, but need to check that!  There is also going to be the press and a film crew there. This event won’t cost you anything, more than anything we just want a crowd to wave us off! If you would like to cycle the first few miles with us, I know a few who do, just bring your bike along and join us at the start line!!!

Come and join us at the start line!

Come and join us at the start line!

The finishing line party!

Now I admit this one I am looking forward too… why? Because it means it will be over and we will have completed it!!! Seriously I can’t wait, I will be so amazingly proud of myself, though I have a feeling my emotions will be running so high that I probably will just burst into tears as soon as I see my parents! But as for the arriving party, its going to be in Rimbard manors courtyard from 2pm onward (that’s french time obviously) on Sunday 8th April (Yes that is Easter Sunday). There are drinks and buns and the mayor is going to be there to greet us! Its going to be such a party atmosphere, with union jacks and French flag’s galore!

Come and join us at the finishing line party!

Come and join us at the finishing line party!

So they are our upcoming events which are worryingly not long off now, we both hope to see you at one or more of the events. If you can’t make it though please consider supporting us by donating at http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge and of course you can follow our entire progress on our blog! Thank you.

Nikki x