Day 3 – The A34 2! (The A3400 – The Bitch is back!)

As you may have guessed from the title, we hit another bad road today, but before we tell you all about the A3400 we will tell you some of the good things that have happened today. First and foremost we made it to our end location before 10pm! In fact it was only 8pm which meant that we can relax in our hotel room, speaking of which, we have a hotel room, but more about that in another entry. We have also had really good weather today, none of that evil rain which everyone keeps assuring us is coming. We’ve been given donations (Nikki did a sneaky bit of donating outside of a Tesco). We also made it to Stratford upon avon by dinnertime. When planning the route, one of Nikki’s insistences was that we went through Stratford upon Avon as she has a lot of happy memories there.

20120403-121324 AM.jpg

We have also managed to cover another county! we cycled the entire length of Warwickshire. It seems we are storming across the country!

20120403-121442 AM.jpg

Anyone watching cyclemeter will see that we made some good speeds today, one being almost 40mph at one point!
Those of you following our facebook or twitter feeds will have seen a very cryptic status about how we were very happy cyclists. This was the best part of the day when we stopped at The White Hart pub in one of the little villages between Stratford and Oxford. I admit we primarily we stopped to use the bathroom as there are only so many places you can go when you have no money. The barstaff and locals were so amazingly friendly that they gave us a coke and some salted peanuts and came and chatted with us while we sat in the sunshine having a rest. The landlord then insisted on making us roast beef sandwiches which were muchly needed and delicious. We would also like to say a huge thank you to them for their very generous donation to the NSPCC.

20120403-122956 AM.jpg

But enough of the niceties, on to the nitty gritty moaning. We seem to be good at that! Today we hit the A3400 (AKA The A34s big sister as we christened her!) Despite our high hopes, she turned out to be just as evil and malicious as her little sister. Just like her sister, every corner we turned lead to a massive steep hill, however today they seemed steeper and longer than those of her sister. We had such high hopes. The hellishness of the A3400 probably wasn’t helped by the fact that Nikki has been unwell all day and has been unable to keep solid food down. Not good when you’re cycling 60 miles, however a quick call to “Super Phil” the problem was revealed. Dan and I are not getting enough fluids back into our systems and are suffering from a lack of salt and dehydration. This is a problem we plan on rectifying tomorrow by drinking lots of water and electrolyte drink. Tomorrow we face the A340, or the A34s middle sister as it has been christened. Everyone please keep your fingers crossed that she is not as evil as her sisters…
Once again the reason we are doing this crazy challenge is to raise money for the NSPCC so please please please consider donating at

Thank you
Nikki and Dan

p.s. Off to bed now ready for tomorrow, promise we’ll tell you all about the hotel soon.


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