Our night of luxury in the Ethos Hotel

ok so I have decided to do you all a quick blog post about the amazingness that has been our night in the Ethos hotel!

20120406-123931 PM.jpg
A night of luxury is clearly what we both needed, and the Ethos hotel didn’t disappoint us! Our room has the comfiest beds I think either of us have ever slept in, in fact so comfy that Dan snored his head off all night! I am going to blame his snoring on the fact we have been breathing in so much crud on the roads and are both sounding rather horse now! Our room also had the luxury of a mini kitchen, sink, kettle, toaster, microwave and fridge. The bathroom has the deepest bath i think I have ever been in, after spending a good half hour in there I decided I want to become a mermaid full time! The bathroom has underfloor heating which has been heavenly on our aching feet and the main room has the softest squishest cream carpet. (By the way I hope I am not making you all jealous) The tv in our room also had full sky so we ended up watched the latest Pirates of the Carribbean film while we ate our tea, yes we did eat our tea in the room, despite planning to go out the truth is we where both just far to knackered and decided a bedroom picnic would be a much better idea!
Although I am not sure how much this room is to stay in normally as obviously the Hotel has donated it to us for the night I would fully recommend that if any of you are considering making a trip to stay in Oxford that you consider booking this hotel, I promise you will not be disappointed.
In fact we were so happy with the room that when the alarm went off at 7am this morning, we reset it for an hour later! Yes this does mean we are a little late setting off this morning but I don’t care! Once up we went for breakfast, which we have just come back from and it was amazing. Now I should point out that the restaurant isn’t connected to the hotel it is about a 3-5 min walk, but trust me it was worth it, The restaurant is a lovely cafe on the river front and the food was amazing! As we need to have a hearty breakfast we each ordered three things off the menu (ok so the waiter did give us a few funny looks) we had the full english which wasn’t like any full English I have had before, maybe its because we are in the south now but it was very very posh. We also had the pancakes with fruit, maple syrup and cinnamon. My gosh they were tasty! And just because we had eaten enough we also had the musli porridge which was full of more fruit than I have ever come across! Of course we followed all that with fruit juice, water and hot chocolate. Safe to say we are ready for the day ahead!

20120406-124025 PM.jpg
I think the only two negatives we have to say about the room is that there was nowhere safe to leave our bikes so we just had to strip them of everything valuable and chain them up outside, but we weren’t too worried as like Dan said on Facebook Oxford seem to be a city of bikes and they are chained everywhere and I actually mean everywhere!! The only other thing that bugged us slightly was the very noisy fridge. It hummed all night and made it sound like we where on a plane, but then again it can’t have put us off sleeping too much as I slept like a log (in fact I think that might be the best night sleep I have had in a single bed) and Dan slept in superman pose all night!
You can tell that we are have really enjoyed our room as its now 11am and we are only just setting off! Best get our cycling grove on!!!
Wish us luck!

Nikki & Dan


One response to “Our night of luxury in the Ethos Hotel

  1. Great to hear you got a bit of luxury and a nice hot bath to ease the obviously acheing muscles! Val was asking about you yesterday so I will show her this entry when she comes later.
    I hope you miss the bad weather that we have coming!
    Good luck on the next leg of your journey,xx

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