Day 2 – The F**king A34!!!!!

We would love to be able to tell you that today has been a better day, but remember that road we told you about yesterday? The A34? It was back with a vengeance today!
As you can see from our title, its not a road we like! We hope by the way, that you read that as “F-astirix-astirix-king” and dont know any other possible meaning for it. Nikki didn’t know what that word meant, until today that was! Now it seems to be following every other word from her mouth! She has become such a potty mouth, not that I’m much better! The root of our new found profanity filled vocabulary can be found on the A34! Why I hear you ask. Thats simple! From Manchester to Birmingham, its seems like one sodding HUGE hill!!!!!! It never seems to decline! Not what you want on a bike with aching muscles and the sun beating down so hot that factor 50 sun lotion is required!
However despite the shocking road we still managed to keep quite good time (as you will see if you follow cyclemeter). We did a few little detours on country lanes which Nikki enjoyed and took some photos including the strange sight of a field full of goats. We’d never seen so many goats in our lives.

20120402-011523 AM.jpg
No matter how hard we tried, we always seemed to meet up with the A34 and her hills. It was like an awkward meeting between a vicar and a satanist. Even when the road seemed to level out, guess what was hiding round the next corner… Yep! another hill!
Detouring from the subject of that god forsaken road, if anyone was following Cyclemeter today, they may wonder why we didn’t leave Stoke on Trent till 11, and also why there was a large gap before entering the city. Two simple answers, the first being that we became tourists and did a spot of sightseeing.

20120402-011632 AM.jpg
Sightseeing and setting off late was a decision we would later regret.
The answer to the cyclemeter discrepancy is also a simple one. The iPhone died! Technology eh!
We were making excellent time and hit the outskirts of Birmingham around 7pm with only 7 miles to go. Easy we thought. What fools we are. Birmingham seems to be a mass of roadworks and diversions. What should have taken 45 minutes took 4 hours! As you can imagine, it got cold and dark, again! Thankfully tonight we are staying an amazing person off couch surfing who is an avid cyclist himself and completely understood our situation.

20120402-010644 AM.jpg
Despite getting here so late (no cyclemeter is not lying, it was 11:10pm when we arrived), Michal was still waiting up for us, made us some tea, and made us feel so welcome. He also let us do the washing in the washing machine which was an added bonus as we did get slightly hot today! Safe to say we are both thoroughly exhausted and looking forward to a good nights sleep. Hoping tomorrow will be a better day. Safe to say we won’t be making the same mistake in the morning.

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Nikki & Dan


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