Day 1 – It’s been “interesting”

So, Day 1…
It seems that the day has been one of delays. We set off from Rishton slightly later than planned, however we were amazed by the turn out we got to wave us off! The original plan was to set off around 9/9:30am ish, however after photos, interviews with the film crew, and goodbyes it was nearer to 10am. Eeek already!
We would like to say a really big thank you to Emily and Charlotte for thinking of the idea of bringing flags! What a brilliant idea! We think the photographer loved it too as we now have lots of photos with them. I think Dan’s little brothers loved them too as they waved them like crazy when we set off. It really was like a little party atmosphere, although we still didn’t feel like it was really happening, although after today its starting to feel more real! I should point out that I left a little surprise on Nikki’s bike which I think made her giggle, I stuck an L plate on the back of her bike, and after her slight wobble at the start I think it was needed!

20120402-072626 AM.jpg

20120402-072937 AM.jpg

20120402-072647 AM.jpg
Also a quick thank you to Co-op, Rishton for letting us do a shop for food for the day for free. It has been muchly needed all day.
Once we hit Ramsbottom we noticed a slight problem with Dan’s bike, that being the utterly useless pannier bracket for the lights which had suddenly taken a liking to spinning around and looking at the floor. Not only was this a massive pain, but it also meant that when indicating left, the back light would be indicating right, and vice versa. So yeah, bit of a problem! However, being so close to home, Dan was able to ring his mum who very kindly came out with a replacement pannier rack with a different light fastening which could not spin. While waiting we had something to eat, then fitted the replacement rack. This little issue set us back by almost two hours! Not a good thing when you’re on a tight schedule anyway.
We did however manage to make up some lost time when we cycled our hearts out on the way to Manchester. We should point out though that we think there was a little glitch with Cyclemeter as we have been informed that at one point we were doing 259mph. We were fast, but not that fast!
Got to Manchester about 3pm and met our lovely friends Emily and Charlotte.

20120402-123234 AM.jpg
They very very kindly agreed to buy us some lunch, we certainly weren’t turning down that opportunity, plus it also gave us a chance to have a catch up as with all the chaos when setting off we didn’t get a chance to talk.
If we weren’t already running a bit late, maybe having 1hour and 45 mins in Manchester wasn’t the wisest of plans, though I have to say I wouldn’t change that as seeing them was amazing!
When we were leaving them though we did see something that suddenly made us question whether we really did have such heavy bikes… this bike…

20120402-121153 AM.jpg
Yes that is an ambulance bike and weighs a killer 9 and half stone! Try getting that up a hill! No thank you!!! Mr Ambulance man was lovely, we had a really good time chatting with him, I guess thats what this challenge is all about, meeting new people.

20120402-123929 AM.jpg
Leaving Manchester, Dan and I had high hopes for making up some lost time. How wrong we were. It would seem from Manchester on the A34 is hills, hills, and a few more hills! So much for making up lost time. It got later, and later, and later until it finally broke me. Im sure this wont be the first time Dan sees me cry on this trip, but despite the pain, the tears, the darkness, and the cold, we pushed on and reached our end location for the night. A little later than planned, but at least we made it.
Not the greatest start for Day 1 but at least we did it, and tomorrow is a brand new day…
We’re doing all the hard work, because trust us, this cycling is killing us, all we ask is that you sponsor us please.

Nikki & Dan.


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