3… 2… 1… PULL!!!!!

So, the other day, I had the though of “what happens if Nikki can’t make it up a hill?” and there was the obvious answer of get off and push, and there was also a slightly crazy idea (yep, another one on top of cycling 650 miles to France!). That idea was….. wait for it…. a bike tow rope!

The look many of you are sporting now!

Believe it or not, its not as stupid an idea as it sounds! During team races in Australia, riders will often tow the weaker members of their team to continue forward with speed without leaving team members behind. In fact, an Australian company called Bike2Bike has designed a retractable tow rope just for this purpose. Their tow rope is a bit more advanced that the one I created yesterday, however mine does the job just as well.

Another “feature” of this tow system is that it can easily be stored in the top pannier bag, and doesn’t take up that much space or weigh much.

And just in case you didn’t believe me….



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