Reason numerous dos on why you HAVE to join us tonight!

Ok so today I am one excited little bunny because for one night I get to get my dancing groove on (though I beg of you please no one laugh at said dancing groove!) I get to wear a dress and heels and PARTY!!!! Yay! (Aren’t you all glad you don’t live in a house with this crazy person!)

However I bet some of you are still unsure on whether or not to join us tonight, which I have to ask why you would even debate not coming to such an awesome night, but just in case I have argument number two on just why you should join us. That argument comes in the form of a certain Mr Jim Random!

Who is that I hear you all ask… well Jim Random is going to be the amazing DJ that takes over from our awesome band Sahara!

Jim Random at his best!

Jim Random at his best!

Nottingham born Jim has been DJ-ing for over 10 years now, however his love of music started at an early age with influences coming from his older brother. Jim really got into his DJ-ing stride though when he went to Sheffield Halam University is the early 2000’s, from there Jim has gone from strength to strength with his’ Jim Random’ dj-ing persona.

Me and my sister posing next to the RAWR monster back in 2008

Me and my sister posing next to the RAWR monster back in 2008

With the creation of RAWR nights in 2007 at the famous DQ club in Sheffield Jim’s popularity continued to grow both around Sheffield and further afield.

Jim Random has done guest sets both nationally and internationally in some of the best clubs around, including Bed and the O2 academy in Sheffield and Herbal in London.

In 2009 Jim was offered a short-term guest spot on NSB radio, however that short-term guest spot soon turned into a permanent feature as he was offered the role of DJ-ing every alternate Sunday from 5pm til 7pm. NSB can be listened to on the internet and I for one have been known to log on every other Sunday just to listen to the Randoms play!

Jim has also entered into numerous competitions which has helped spread his name around, including on 29th Oct 2010 Jim came 3rd in the Eastern UK Thre3style Competition hosted by Redbull. The DJ’s had 15 minutes to play at least 3 styles/genres of music to impress the judges, which included none other than the legendary A Skillz.

Of course his best set (in my opinion) of all was at my 21st Birthday in 2008, when him came suitably attired for a fancy dress party….

Who knew Storm Troopers made awesome DJs

Who knew Storm Troopers made awesome DJs

Just a few of Jim’s amazing mixes can be heard on SoundCloud: I recommend having a listen to and maybe a boogie round your living room!

So I think I have done all I can to convince you all to come and celebrate our leaving do with us tonight! I really hope to see you all there! If however you really really can’t make it but still want to donate towards the NSPCC then please go to our site thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you all tonight!

Nikki xx


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