Reason numero uno on why to join us Friday night…

Sorry there was no blog post last night… I was kinda hoping Dan would do one as I bet you are all sick to death of hearing from me by now, but alas I am guessing he was sleepy as he has done some long hours at work… so afraid you are stuck with me for another night!

I can not believe that we are nearly down to single figure days… I am not scared… oh wait yes I am!!!! Scared isn’t quite a strong enough adjective for how I am feeling, I am petrified. Our cycling on Monday did not go well, I know why it didn’t go well, I hadn’t eaten and then I overheated, and I simply got in the wrong mind-set, but it has scared me that if I can’t find a way to change my mind-set after the disaster that was Monday I am going to be setting off on the wrong foot next Saturday and will therefore never be able to do it. Am back out first thing tomorrow morning though so my fingers are crossed for a better day on the bike.

But I tell you what is even closer than us setting off… our leaving party on Friday night!! I am so excited, I have bought a new dress and everything. So I admit the reason I have bought a new dress is because I really want the chance to glam up and feel girly again, as I feel as though I am turning into an actual cyclist, shocking I know. All I ever seem to wear these days is cycling clothes and horrid trainers and the most shocking fact of all… NO make-up! Yes you did just read that right! So hence Friday night I plan on looking glam! But other than of course all coming down to see what my lovely new dress is like, there are a ton of reasons why you should come. It is set to be a fantastic night, and of course all money from ticket sales is going to the NSPCC so if that wasn’t incentive enough to come I tell you what is.

Firstly the fantastic band that are playing! Sahara are a local rock and roll band made up of 4 key band members. On lead vocals and lead guitar is Nick. Nick formed the band all the way back in 2007 and has helped to push the band forward to the amazing group they are today. On bass guitar and backing vocals is Ant. Ant joined the band back in 2011 and was a very welcome addition that has helped the band to grow. On the drums is Ben, from what I hear Ben was part of a cover band when he first heard Sahara play and it wasn’t long before Nick was offering him a job which Ben readily accepted, it’s a decision neither have looked back on! Finally on rhythm guitar (don’t I sound like I know what that is!) is Danny. Danny applied for the job is writing and was snapped up straight away and has added a wonderful personality to the band.

Sahara have 6 amazing albums which can soon be purchased from iTunes and amazon, they are very addictive to listen to, I have them on my iPod and have them on constant repeat, it’s always good to have awesome music to listen to after all while on the bike! The band say their influences are Oasis, Queen, Stone Roses, Beatles, OceanColourScene and Bon Jovi, so a really good mix in there, and their influences definitely show in their music. Even if you can’t make it tomorrow night I really really urge you all to have a listen to their stuff as I promise you won’t be disappointed. I have also found them all to be lovely guys, that have been amazing to work with so would also urge you all to consider booking them next time you need a band to play! If you do want to book them just email their agent at

Sahara band members

Sahara band members

So if that wasn’t enough of a reason to come down on Friday night to KoKo’s in Burnley then tune into the blog tomorrow night for reason number two of why you should come to our leaving do….

If however I have convinced you enough then you can either buy tickets direct from the Sahara website or you can send me an email at and I can put you on the guest list so that you can get £3 off the entry price and get in for only £5 which is a bargain when you consider that all money is going to the NSPCC and not just that you also get to see an awesome band and then party til the early hours of the morning!!

Thank you for all the support you are giving us and I look forward to seeing you all on Friday night!

Nikki xx


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