Is this a precursor to the apocalypse?

Hi all!

Thankfully this isn’t a sign of impending doom for the citizens of Planet Earth, although you’d be forgiven for thinking that; its just me writing a blog entry after so long!

Firstly a bit of tech news; my iPhone has just downloaded iOS 5.1 which, according to its info says that it addresses and fixes bugs that cause battery issues on the iPhone 4 and 4S. Why are you telling us this I hear you ask. Well, seeing as my iPhone will be tracking our progress along the trip (and of course when training too), a boosted battery can only be a good thing! Before we set off I plan on buying a couple of extra battery packs to top up the power when it gets low, anything to ensure the Cyclemeter app continues to run for the entire journey!

Ok, so now you’re thinking “so what else had you been doing? You only have 24 days left until you set off!”, and in answer to that I would say “seemingly, not a lot!”. Now at this late stage, that is kind of worrying, however it is not true! To us it just feels like we haven’t done much, but in fact we have done quite a lot! Most of this has been the admin side of the venture, but obviously we need to organise the trip as well as actually doing it. Not to do so would be like doing a science experiment without first doing the theory work to go with it, things are bound to go wrong. We’ve been contacting supermarkets with the prospect of getting vouchers for food on the journey, and we have also been drumming up more press coverage for the event. Many of you may have seen our recent articles in the Accrington Observer and the Nelson Leader. I have also been in contact with the press department of Spar UK who are writing an article for the Spar Today magazine which goes out to the Northern Guild, and that will be published in the coming weeks. They also want to do a follow up story when we return! Once I have a copy, the article will be scanned and uploaded!

Another thing we have been doing is creating a banner for Nikki’s dad, who is in the country this weekend, to take back to France with him. This banner will be across the gates of Rimbard on the final day, ready for our arrival, along with all the guests who will be crowded into the courtyard. The whole event will have a party atmosphere, and quite a lot of red, white, and blue from the Union Jack‘s and Tricolors adorning practically any surface you care to look at! There’ll be buns in union jack bun cases, British & French flags, bunting, union jack table cloths, balloons… I’m not sure if we’ll be finishing an epic cycle journey or joining VE Day celebrations! (lol) Either way, it will be good!

If you happen to be on our route, look out for us riding past, we’ll be quite hard to miss, we’ll be the ones wearing black and green! Yep, thats right, we have decided what we’ll be wearing on the journey! Black cycle leggings (or shorts, depends on the weather), a black long sleeve top or a t-shirt, in my case a Nike Pro-Combat one (they are very warm considering how light they are!), and the NSPCC running vest over the top. We’ll actually look like we’re meant to be doing it and not just out on a pleasant cycle to pass a bit of time. I think that we will need at least two sets of clothes though, as after 9 days of wear, they’d bound to be a bit smelly, plus something for evening as we won’t want to be in a restaurant in cycle clothes. Packing it is going to be “fun”, and that is another thing on our to do list, sort out what we need to take as weight will be an important factor.

I would like to thank the two people who have donated on the Virgin Money Giving website this week! Your contributions will help the work of this amazing charity! If you yourself would like to donate, you can do so at Also, please like out Facebook page,




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