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Good morning all…. a little early for me to be doing an entry I know, lets hope I am more awake than I currently feel and this doesn’t just end up being a jumble of words that don’t make sense!

Thought I would give you all a quick update on what has been going on with the world of R2R! As you may have seen from Dans last blog he has a new bike, finally death came to Cleatus. Am I allowed to say now how much I did not like that bike?!? As for this new bike, despite Dan having got it a week and a half a go I have yet to see it… why I hear you all ask?  Well I have been in Sunny London. Ok so the weather might not have been exactly ‘sunny’ but compare it to what we have up here its been practically tropical!

I bet you are all thinking I was down in the south for something glamorous like a TV interview… I wish! No I was there simply visiting family, but I have done some networking, telling the whole world it would seem about my bike ride and handing out so many cards! So fingers crossed something will come of it soon! Can you believe it is just slightly over a month away, time seems to be going so darn fast.

While in London though I did however hire one of the Barclay’s bikes to get around. Such a wonderful idea and so easy and cheap to us. The London roads however, now they are one scary thing! I thought I was about to loose my life so many times, you really have to have all your wits about you if you are going to cycle on the roads. I think the moment I got a little more freaked out was when I saw the sign calling for witnesses as a fatality had happened on Friday lunch time due to an accident between a cyclist and a coach, now I wonder which one ended up the dead one…. me thinks it wasn’t the coach driver!! Have to say all these people who commute to work everyday by bike in rush hour in the center of London, you have my full respect… in fact I think I would rather be doing my 70 miles a day for nine days than do that!

In other news, we have now been in the Nelson leader as well…. big thank you to Lauren (who I believe Dan went to college with) for doing such a wonderful article, that for once focuses more on Dan than me!

Our Nelson Leader Article!

We also have an article coming out today in the Sandbach Chronicles all about us passing through there, hopefully they are going to send me a couple of the newspapers, so no doubt you will be seeing scans of that one soon too! It really feels like things are starting to come along well! We still have a couple of nights accommodation to find but alas they are in France so I am going to get my awesome translator, also known as my little brother, to translate the letter for me so I can get that sent out to French hotels and B&B etc. We are also starting to get mildly concerned about lack of food…. yeap that’s me for you, always thinking with my stomach! We have written and telephoned loads of the big chain restaurants and supermarkets in the hope of getting some vouchers, so I am keeping my fingers and toes all crossed that something comes from all that, will keep you updated on how that goes!

Route planning is going well, though that is a boring job 😦 For every village and town that we pass through we are also contacting the local newspapers and magazines and sending out posters for people to put out in their shops, so hopefully everyone is going to know who we are as we pass through! Hopefully!

I am at work at the moment, yes I do occasionally work, hence how you are finally getting a blog entry, but Dan is coming round when I finish work so we can go on a ride so I can tell you all about his new bike in more detail tomorrow. Don’t forget that the poll is still open for what Dan’s new bike should be called.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to vote (Can you guess which are the suggestions I put forward?), and please check out our sponsorship page at don’t forget that all money goes to the NSPCC.

Thank you

Nikki xx


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