We are becoming famous… or maybe infamous haven’t decided yet!

Good evening all!

You find me tonight in very high spirits, much better than the slightly glum mood I was in the other evening and that is because things are finally starting to happen. In fact two close friends of Dan and I have just got back from a holiday in Australia; yesterday when they got home they sent Dan a text asking how things where going with R2R and I think Dan summed it up perfectly…. things have literally hit warp speed!!!!!!!

It would seem we only have two nights accommodation still to find, but I will say more on that when everything is fully confirmed, I don’t want to go jinxing things and put us about 50 paces back! We have also had emails from several newspapers and magazines, as well as an email from Channel 5 saying that ‘Live with Gabby’ might be interested in our story… all very positive stuff.

The new collection boxes and posters are now in production and I have to say a big thank you to Staples in Burnley for helping us to print them. Seriously soon you won’t be able to walk around your local town without seeing us!

On Friday afternoon if you had gone to Accrington Asda or Accrington Tescos that certainly would have been the case, and not just because we were in the store obviously. No, that would be because we had ANOTHER newspaper article come out and so I of course turned the top newspaper over to our page…. well you would have done the same thing too!!! The article was on page 28 (ok so not quite front page but we’ll get there) of the Accrington Observer. Here is a rather shitty iPhone picture of the article that you will all just have to cope with until Dan scans it in for me.

Our Accrington Observer article

The article was written by Jon Macpherson and possibly the best bit is it uses one of our own photographs kindly taken by my father, and no cheesy arms in the arm shot! The article is also really well written, no cheesy gimmicky lines like, ‘Nikki the Funeral Director is undertaking the challenge’ (I kid you not that was in the last article). The article got across what we are doing, why we are doing and I am really pleased with it. The interview that I did over the phone lasted about 20 mins Jon asked loads of really good questions and made sure he got the donating web address correct, he even rang me back a few times just to make sure he had all the facts 100% correct.

The only down side I have to the article…. once again I am ‘A Rishton Woman’ Why does this make me feel like I am ancient?!?

I was so pleased with the article that I was showing it off to everyone in the queue while I bought 6 copies!! I then made sure it was on view in the car while we did our chores.  Yes I really am that sad to be around, I bet you all have sympathy for Dan now that he is going to have to put up with me for 9 whole days without any peace!

Thank you once again to Jon for the lovely article, I am very very pleased…. onwards and upwards, next step…. TV land!!!!!

I have just realized that my last two post didn’t end with an amusing picture… what is the world coming to? So I thought I would share this one with you (warning nothing to do with the post at all!) this is the Air Forces’s latest invention:

Like to see that one get off the ground!

Thank you for all the support, if you, or someone you know, would like to donate please go to http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge

Nikki xx


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