A short post… well short by Nikki standards!

I am getting so tired of hearing no’s…. or worse not hearing anything !! 😦

Trying to get our route, food and accommodation sorted as you can imagine its frustrating to say the least when no one ever fricken gets back to you! A whole new batch of emails went out tonight so fingers are crossed!

However there has been some good news this week, we have done a few newspaper interviews. The best bit however is they let me use our own pictures! Yay! So no tragic reaching for the stars pictures, which I am sure you are all heartbroken to hear. If we go on the website as well I will of course post a link. Everyone seems to be focusing on the fact I was ill, but if it gets people to read I am happy for people to know what its like, and if it even helps someone else all the better for it!

Other news this week, we have done several bits of filming at the gym. You can just tell how much I loved that, I am the girl who hides at the back of the gym and keeps my head down and tries not to be noticed, suddenly there is a camera pointed right at me as I work out! Oh joy of joys! Hopefully it will all be worth it for the documentary. As I said we did several bits of filming, the other was an interview with DW Fitness Blackburn’s manager Lyndan. He gave us some really useful information, we are both so very grateful for, but that has scared me just a little bit, and just when I was starting to feel more confident! :S

Brooches also still selling well on eBay, also the collection boxes we have out and about are doing remarkably, possibly as they now have photos of our ugly mugs on them! But so far they have raised over £50 and we still have another two full tubs to count! Big yay!

Speaking of our ugly mugs, Dan has designed a new poster which is now out and about all over the place. What do you all think:

Our pretty new poster!

Opinions always appreciated! Its lovely and dark and stormy just like my mood tonight, if people continue to fail to get back to me!!!

So that is pretty much all I have to tell you at the moment. Have a big ride planned for this Thursday and Friday, so I will be able to tell you all about that over the weekend, and of course answer the question I am sure you will all be dying to know…. did Dan’s bike break again?

Right then beddy by bo bos time for me, think I have done enough for one night! Tomorrow back on the emailing and phoning for just a few more rejections! Thank you to everyone who is continuing to support us both and the crazy challenge we are undertaking! If  you or anyone you know would like to donate you can either at http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenege or in one of the collection boxes either at Spar, Barrowford or Rishton Funeral Service. Thank you.

Nikki xx


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