“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction”

Once again I am starting this blog with an apology… this blog is really starting to look like de ja vu every time! But saying that this time the reason we have failed to updated the blog is simply because we have been working so hard… yes you did actually read that right!

The truth is we have been pushing ourselves and working really hard and by the time it comes to the evening the thought of writing the blog just goes straight out our minds. Or at least that’s what I have found so I assume Dan is the same.

So just what exactly have we been doing to push ourselves….

Well for a start, come rain or shine I am trying to get out on my bike everyday, and yes I am hating it just a little bit. I admit (and please no one shout at me) I am not going as far as I should be doing each day. I am only averaging about 20 miles (I did say don’t shout at me). But at least I am training myself to get on the bike even if I don’t feel like it, in my mind that will definitely help me in 67 days times, (why exactly did I go check how many days it was, I now want to kill myself!!) The other reason I have not been going as far as I should is simply because I seem to have a major flaw…. I can not seem to push myself. As soon as my legs start to ache I stop. This is bad bad bad Nikki I know all that you don’t have to tell me, however, when I am cycling with Dan I can just keep cycling, not even stopping, I get up to a good speed and the ache in my legs doesn’t even bother me. I am not going to tell you just what is different when I am cycling with Dan is… not yet anyway… you will just have to keep guessing on that one!

Then at night we have been planning the route and sending out countless emails and letters to company’s and hotels and guest houses, potential sponsors and newspapers/magazines, all so we stand a greater chance of actually getting to France! Although the amount of rejections or  people just simply not replying is disheartening! 😦

The last week and a half I have also been dealing with the stress of trying to sort a new phone out, but that’s sorted now, I think! So yeah we have been busy stressed little bees, and of course we have been doing our normal jobs on top of that!

One thing that I have noticed has changed drastically since the new year is me….

I don’t know what has happened but my mind-set has completely changed, I assume it is because I am consumed by fear that I might die if I don’t try hard enough but what ever the reason I am definitely different. *Warning photos of a potentially disturbing nature below of me in flat shoes*

Nikki before New Year

My shoe filled happy world before New Year.

Nikki after New Year

My pain filled world since New Year!!

Answer for what has over come me on a postcard please….

All joking aside though I am starting to feel like we can actually do this, and we will make it to France. It is the most confident I have felt in a long time, hopefully everyone else has as much confidence in me as I have in myself. I do just want to say a big thank you to everyone who is supporting us, it really means the world to both of us.

Right well I have been on the computer long enough now, time to get back on that bike and get my legs aching a little bit more! If you would like to support us please go to http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge alternatively, our handmade brooches are now available to buy on Ebay, if you click here you will be taken to the page, there are currently 22 different ones up for sale! Thank you for everything.

Nikki xx


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