“There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm”

Hello all….

Dear lord it feels like a life time since I talked to you all…. I hope everyone has had an amazing Christmas and Father Christmas brought you all that you asked for. Did everyone enjoy their New Year too, anyone already broken their New Year Resolutions yet? Can you imagine what mine (and probably Dan’s) are? Yeap you guessed right, get on with training and make it to France in April!

So today I came back from Sheffield where I spent new year and it is the first day of the new diet… yeap that’s muchos fun…not! I am sure dieting will go easier though at least I hope so, if nothing else having stopped all* sweet things and alcohol. I will at least feel healthier if nothing else, that’s of course if it doesn’t kill me first!

I have to admit over Christmas I have felt excited to get back on my bike, which is something I didn’t think would every happen, but I can officially announce that yes I was looking forward to riding my bike. However notice my use of the word was, my love for my bike vanished almost instantaneously today, although I hope you will be slightly impressed with me… So here is what happened today….

It all started on Boxing day (For all our none UK readers Boxing day is the 26th December)  as it was the last day my parents where in England we went and did a bit of sale shopping, while at M&S cafe I had a packet of crisps (clearly wasn’t on my diet then) and there was for some reason or another a small stone in my crisp which I didn’t notice and bit down on, resulting in muchos pain and a chipped back tooth. No good I hear you say, but what has this got to do with your bike?!?

Well, here’s where, I obviously complained to M&S who where very good about it all, but said I would have to get it officially checked by a dentist before I could put a claim in, so I made my appointment for today…. Are you starting to get where the bike is coming into this story yet? Yeap you guessed it I decided to cycle to the dentist, which although wasn’t far only about two miles nothing in comparison to what we are doing in 87 days, it was in the worst weather I have cycled in!! The entire way there I was pelted with hailstorm that has actually left me bruised, and winds so strong they actually managed to keep pushing me off course!! I have since been told the weather is so bad as we are in the tail end of a hurricane, wasn’t I just the smartest person going for deciding to cycle in it! Although I was proud of myself when I got there and of course happier still when I got home to my nice warm house! Although some good has come out of me cycling there and back, any doubts Dan had that I have the determination to do this have now gone out the window.

If anyone is mildly interested in what the dentist said by the way, I got a slight telling off for not going to the dentist is 3 years (even quizzed me on if I had gone somewhere else!) but said my teeth where is very good condition and very well looked after (yes I am that much of a swat) however where the stone has cracked my tooth I am going to have to have a filling… my first one in my adult teeth! 😦 Although I did learn something new today, over the course of the last three years all four of my wisdom teeth have come through and I haven’t felt a single one… I even told her I still didn’t have any!!!!

Have to say if this windy weather continues for much longer its going to put a serious dampener on training, I may just have to find a way to use the wind to my advantage… maybe a little bit of extra power!!

Wind power!!

Well no doubt I have bored you all enough, but I do want to say a really quick thank you to everyone who has so far donated as we are now over the £200 pound mark, if you too would like to donate and help us to reach our next mile stone, please go to http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge where all money raised is going to the NSPCC! Thank you!!

Nikki xx

*Except on very special occasions.


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