Bike Mods

Hi all,

So… its been a while! I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year!

During our little break, I have to admit that I haven’t been on the bike as much as I should, mainly because of a promotion at work. As Nikki mentioned way back when we first started this crazy adventure, I have my own video production company, Bluevortex. As this is in its infancy, I also work at a Spar store in Barrowford. Over the Christmas period, I was running the place, and so had little opportunity to get out on the bike training. However, new year, new start; as of today (yesterday and today were included) I will be cycling to and from work each day, and days when I am not working, I’ll be out on the bike. Days when I can’t really be bothered going out (come on, we all have them!), there’s the exercise bike, although I am dubious about the stats from its computer!

Over the festive period, my bike has been outfitted with several modifications; I’m not kidding! My love of gadgets has extended onto the bike! For starters, the crankset (as I’ve said in a previous post) has been replaced with parts from Blackburn Cycle and Scooter Centre, so hopefully the chain taking out its guard will no longer be an issue. Secondly, I got a set of “bicygnals” for Christmas. These are basically bike lights , however, they have indicators! Also, using wireless technology, the front and back lights sync with one another.

Mounted to the front of the handlebars there is a tiny camera to capture action shots for the documentary. Apparently it records in HD 720, but I’ll believe that when I see it! For the £15 it cost from Groupon, I highly doubt it!

Finally, the latest modifications, which I have literally just finished adding, are mudguards and an iPhone holder. You might be saying “hang on, I’ve seen photos of your bike, and you already had those!”, which is true, but they have been upgraded. I recently received as a gift an iBike iPhone holder which encases the phone and also makes it weatherproof. However, due to the mount being the same as that of the bicygnals, both could not be on at the same time. Wrong! Using a bit of creative thinking, and some long screws, I managed to mount both items onto the handlebars, and both work perfectly! As for the mudguards, I cycled to work this morning, only to be hit in the face by all the water from the front wheel all the way there. This afternoon I bought a set of front and back guards and fitted them once I got home. I think I made things difficult for myself by not taking the back wheel off, and so had to remove the bike stand and the pannier rack in order to get to the areas I needed. I also now have a massive blood blister on my thumb where I trapped it in a pair of pliers while attempting to loosen a screw which had threaded. Even now, I can feel my heartbeat in it, although I suppose typing doesn’t help!

The big day is only 3 months away now! 9am on the 31st March 2012, we will leave Rishton, along with all our money. Cyclemeter will be tracking the entire journey so you’ll all be able to tell where we have got to along the way. Please help support our efforts and the work done by the NSPCC by donating what you can at!




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