Cycling in a winter wonderland…

Evening all!!

I just want to quickly say thank you once again to everyone that helped make the quiz on Thursday night such a wonderful success! I am still buzzing off how well it went and I can’t quite believe that we made over £170! That money will go a long way to helping so many children at the NSPCC. So a really really big thank you to everyone!!

After the hectic-ness that was ‘the time leading up to the quiz’ Dan and I have enjoyed a few days rest and bit of peace and quiet…. I think it was well deserved! I admit I hadn’t been on my bike as much as I should, but I promise to get back on again soon as I have to test the funky new device Dan has kindly put on for me….. INDICATORS!!! Hopefully it should help with my slight signalling problem, although I imagine it will be a bit of an adventure learning how to use them! Don’t worry I will tell you all about my trails and tribulations with learning to use the indicators!

However as we are getting super close to Christmas now (I still can’t believe how fast this year is flying by!) I think Dan and I will be more sporadic with our blog entries. I am sorry but I am sure you will all understand, I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, and I promise that as soon as the new year rolls round Dan and I will be back on a heavy training program and nightly blog updates!

But for now I will wish you all a brilliant Christmas and I hope that Father Christmas brings you all that you desire, although lets not hope that he doesn’t go to everyone house like this or it may take him more than one night… or at least it would if he cycles at my speed!

Cycling in a winter wonderland!

If you would like to do something amazing this Christmas please consider donating anything you can at any money that you can give can really help the lives of so many children through the NSPCC. Thank you so much!

Nikki xx


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