Money money money


This is slightly later and shorter than planned! I wanted to write it last night, but to be honest, I fell asleep, and now I’ve just finished work (its another friday blog when i’ve finished work at 11pm).

Last night was the night of the quiz at the White Bear Inn, Barrowford. Nikki and myself got there early to set things up and also to get food because we knew we wouldn’t get chance later! I have to admit, it was a bit worrying when it was about 7pm and the pub was still a bit quiet! Fortunately it picked up a bit towards 8pm when we had an influx of family, friends, and random people showing up.

Shortly after 8pm, the quiz was underway, although both Nikki and myself were a bit disappointed that only 6 teams took part in the quiz. The thought “come on people! Its for charity!” came to mind, but I was amazed by how many raffle tickets we sold! Over 200!!

The quiz was met with some very positive feedback, and we were told by the vast majority involved that they had enjoyed themselves and that the quiz was very good! (Thank you Niall!) The raffle was also a success, and I would like to thank each and everyone of the local businesses for their contributions to that! Without them, we quite literally would not have been able to do it!

Altogether last night, we raised a total sum of £175.50 for the NSPCC! If you would like to add to the money raised so far, please donate at! Also, please like our Facebook page,, for all the latest news about our challenge!



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