This time tomorrow it will all be over….

Oh my gosh can you believe the quiz is tomorrow night…. oh wait scratch that the quiz is today, as we are now past midnight and therefore officially the 8th December!!

I think we have everything ready, the key word there being think. My head seemed to have stopped being able to concentrate now, that is probably the exhaustion kicking in, but it seems to have stopped thinking about what I will need tomorrow night now. Although if you ask Dan he will no doubt tell you that my brain stopped working a lot early than 1am… more precisely in fact around 8pm when he took us to Asda to get last min supplies and left me alone for 5 mins only to find later wandering aimlessly around the store. Or maybe he would argue that my brain switched off even earlier than that, say around 6pm when I fell fast asleep on his bed with seconds of sitting down… So yeah its safe to say as you can tell it has been a long day and I am exhausted.

But saying that it has been a VERY productive day. We went and collected all the raffle prizes, for all you wonderful people coming tomorrow night (tonight), there are 22 raffle prizes included meals, beauty vouchers, clothes vouchers, a designer hat, flowers and wine! There are also first, second and third place raffle prizes, one of which is those amazing cupcakes, as well as second to last place (couldn’t do last places as its far to easy to cheat just to win that prize) and for the half time games, two box of chocolates to be won. As you can tell it should definitely be an amazing night!

I am 98% confident that it will go well… my only slight fear, that I do keep having a slight reoccurring dream over, is that no one will turn up!! That would be a disaster, to have put all this effort in and not raise any money for the NSPCC… Then again if that happens I get to keep all the raffle prizes to myself… oh the possibilities…..

Anyway enough of that train of thought, I would just like to say a few thank you’s, the first to Niall Doherty, for very kindly writing the quiz for us, its safe to say if it had been left to me it would have been both very easy and probably only had about three rounds, so thank you for talking the time to do that for us. Thank you as well to the White Bear for agreeing to host the night for us, without you we would probably be all huddled together in a field under a cheap B&Q marque with teeth chattering too much to be able to hear the questions, and finally thank you to everyone who has kindly donated items for the raffle and quiz, after all a raffle without prizes is not so much a raffle as a crazy lady shouting out random numbers… not that I have ever done that before….

So I think I am going to say goodnight now and try to get some beauty sleep so that I don’t scare anyone tomorrow with the deep dark bags that are currently forming under my eyes as I type. I look forward to seeing you all at the quiz for what should be a cracking night that will raise lots of much-needed funds for the NSPCC! Oh but of course before I go I have the wonderful job of attempting to amuse you all with my picture to end the blog with. Now I know in the last blog that Dan mention the slight drama we had when we managed to lose each other and he offered the suggestion that someone could kindly donate a tandem then there is no chance of us loosing one another. Of course I am well aware of how expensive a tandem is so I present you with an alternative which I assure you I am more than happy with… and of course no way we would lose each other like this… In fact I can picture myself perfectly getting to France just like this…..

A bicycle made for two.

I look forward to hopefully seeing you all at The White Bear, Barrowford, tomorrow night, but if you can’t make it, please consider making a small donation towards this amazing charity where every penny counts, you can donate at thank you so much.

Nikki xx


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