“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

Well today Dan and I got to feel like minor celebrities… and its safe to say, it felt stupid!!

So what did we do then to feel like these celebrities, admittedly D list celebrities, but still. Well it all came about yesterday, preparation for the quiz night is going really well (can you believe that it is only 2 weeks away) so we started on a bit of publicity for it.  First we put our event on numerous web pages for events in the area, then we rang round local radio stations and they agreed to do a shout out a few days before. Then finally we rang round the local newspapers as well. The Lancashire telegraph (and all the other papers connected to it) were very impressed with our idea of cycling to France to raise money for the NSPCC, and they wanted to do a full article on us! Big ‘yay’ and also big scary ‘Oh my gosh!’.

So it was arranged that at one o’clock today a photographer would come and take some piccys of us. I should just point out at this point, another thank you to John Smith not only for the ferry tickets but also for letting Dan out of work for a little while so he could join me. Anyway I have to say I was impressed when the photographer turned up bang on 1pm! You know if it had been up to me and my time keeping I would have been so late. However he didn’t have a clue where anything was in Rishton so I had thought ahead and decided to take us up to Cutwood park (And not Cutlewood as I have been calling it), for anyone not from around Rishton, Cutwood park is a lovely little woodland with a lake and children’s play area, you also get a lot of dog walkers. It gave Dan and I a chance to prove how good we now are on our bikes as the photographer followed us up the road to the park…. the downside to this is I probably look rosy-cheeked in all the pics, why didn’t I agree to have them all taken down the back alley by my house, sure the surroundings would I been naff but I would have looked better.

One thing I will point out to anyone who sees these  pictures… our laughter is genuine!! Dan and I felt like complete and utter numpties! The shoot started off ok, the standard sat on bikes shots etc (although I was slightly amused when he tried telling us all about light, as a part-time photographer I do know this!) Anyhoo back to the shoot, then our photographer started to get a bit more adventurous…. not always a good thing! We had to cycle towards him, as close together as we could get… yes this did almost result is us knocking each other off, I am guess that wouldn’t have been the best advertisement for cycling.

So what more could he make us do…. well try sitting on the bikes with one arm around each other and raising our other arm in mock celebration (yeah so we maybe didn’t give that our all). Not embarrassing enough clearly… ok try picking up the bike and looking over the frame, that was a fun pose too. So what more could we do… try kneeling down on the floor practically resting our faces on the front tyre. I have come to the conclusion that our photographer actually knew he had got the winning shot right at the beginning when we were sat on the bikes so just wanted to see how far he could push us and how many stupid things we would actually do for him. Oh yeah and all those dog walkers I told about, you know they all stared at us!!!

Oh but you want to know what the real icing on the cake was… he made me take off my cycling helmet and wear a beret, just to get that french feel. It’s safe to say we are both a little dubious about what these pictures may look like… guess we will just have to wait and see! So that was our day of being minor celebrities… it’s not quite all it’s cracked up to be. Saying that though we are hoping that this is just the first of many interviews so we should get a little more used to it! Hey you never know by the time we set off we may be like Gwyneth Paltrow when she goes out on her bike and the paps follow her everywhere!

Heading straight for the photographer!

Its like the photographer isn't even there!

Dan has named me the teacher’s pet after today though, as I found it quite amusing, every time the photographer set us into the pose I was perfect whereas Dan was always doing something wrong…. every single time!!! The catchphrases of the day seemed to be “Nikki that’s absolutely perfect, Dan you just need to… *insert what he needs to do here*..” Like I said I am sure this photo shoot malarkey will come naturally to us soon, I am sure Dan will get the hang of it 😉 .

In other news as mentioned above the quiz is only two weeks away, yay!! This time in two weeks we will be in the middle of it! Although it’s coming along brilliantly there still feels like a lot to do. Although I think we have now had possibly my favourite prize donated,  a box of 6 designer cupcakes from The Cupcake Boutique in Clitheroe (well favourite for me and my sweet tooth but not so much for me and my waist line, as of course I had to try samples). I fully recommend everyone should come down to the white bear on the 8th December if for nothing else then at least for a chance to win these amazing cakes!!

Thinking about it now though, our photo shoot could have gone worse… we could have been posed like this:

Now that would have been an embarrassing pose!!

If you have been enjoying our blog and want to help us and this amazing charity, please go to http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge thank you so much for all the support you are all giving us and I look forward to seeing you all on the 8th.

Nikki xx


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