Plans and preparations


As promised yesterday, I’m back and this time with important news!

Thanks to John Smith donating ferry tickets, that meant we could plan the route. The route for the UK leg of the journey has now been planned, and also a departure date has been set!

We will be departing from Rishton around 9am on Saturday the 31st of March 2012! The main places we will be visiting are Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Solihull, Oxford, Basingstoke, and on wednesday the 4th, Portsmouth! Our ferry will then take us to St Malo, and after that is anybodies guess at the moment. Nikki and myself will be doing more planning on wednesday. I have to say that now its officially a go, it is quite exciting! Scary as hell, but still exciting!

Also today I have bought two sports cameras which can be attached to handlebars and helmets, just to give a first person view of what we are seeing. Hopefully (depending on the file format they record in) we might be able to upload footage whilst on the trip.

The White Bear - Stuart Thorn (Bristol) - Panoramio

In other news, preparations are underway for the charity quiz night at the White Bear in Barrowford. We have had several prizes kindly donated by local companies, including a Hugo Boss hat from “Scruples” of Barrowford, a gift card from “Presentation”, a gift card & bracelet from “Closet“, a meal for 2 at the “Bombay Lounge“, and a bottle of wine from “Spar Barrowford” just to name a few. We cannot thank all the local businesses who have helped / who are helping us enough! If you can, please come and help support the NSPCC and have fun while doing so! If anyone would like to go but doesn’t know how to get there, the address is:

The White Bear Inn,
Gisburn Road,

The quiz is on the 8th December, will start at 8pm, and costs £2.50 for individuals or £10 for a team. There will be other games included in this cost, and raffle tickets will also be available for 50p each. All proceeds will go to the NSPCC!

Please visit to read about why we are doing this, or like our Facebook page,




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