Bikers Lung… It’s real!

Well, I can say it, I was the first to cycle to the others house. As can be seen, the round trip was almost 26 miles (only 4 off this months target!) with an average of 11.8mph. I was also shocked by my fastest speed of 48.24mph! I can also say that not once (even though very tempted to) did I get off and push. The entire journey was laced with hills, both the silent killers that seem flat but are a gradual incline over a long distance, and the ones that are just over facing, e.g. the one going into Rishton.

The trip there was quite pleasant the sun was out and it was fairly warm for the time of year, however the trip back was another story! Overcast, cold, and windy! Now I thought that the latter stage had brought about another symptom of BRD (Bike Riders Disease), but it turns out it could be due to the environment we’re cycling in. This symptom is Bikers Lung. When Nikki and myself referred to it as that, we thought we’d made it up, but it appears it is real! gives more information. Because we are on the roads, pollutants from cars are entering our lungs and causing wheezing and coughing. I thought it was the cold air! Hopefully we won’t need face masks like the woman on that website!

Anywho, I am now going to bed. After the trip, practically every muscle in my body aches, and I think I could do with some new lungs.



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