“All things are difficult before they are easy”

I know I know, it was indeed supposed to be me doing a post last night and for those waiting with bated breath will of course know that there was no post…

For once I don’t have an excuse I have a genuine reason for not doing it, and for those who beg to differ, those are two different things, honest. As I told you a few days ago I am staying at my sisters this week and when I came to do the blog last night disaster struck…. I had no internet connection! Writing an internet blog without the internet can be kinda tricky! So hence why I am having to do it today, I am sorry if anyone was waiting desperately for my post, which of course I am sure you all are!

So I have kept busy while at my sisters, have been exercising, which yes is killing me, as well as working on sorting things out for the quiz. Dan mentioned in the earlier post that it looks like its going to be on the 8th of December 2011 at the White Bear in Barrowford so I hope to see you all there!

Dan also mentioned that he has not been feeling well recently so I hope he is feeling better soon and will be back on his bike before you know it. It’s safe to say this adventure is definitely pushing us both harder than we thought it would, but it’s also proving we are made of sterner stuff as neither of us have given up yet. In fact if anything we are just pushing ourselves more every time we feel ourselves start to struggle. At the end of the day all the money we raise is going to such a good cause and will help so many children that that is the main thought that is keeping us going, please find it in your hearts to help us raise that money.

So while I am already shamelessly promoting what we are doing and asking you all to get your wallets and purses out I may as well continue in the same way…

I think I told you all that I have taken to making brooches in an attempt to raise extra money, after all not to steal a famous supermarkets logo but ‘Every little helps’. So last night after my latest batch of sweat shop making between me and my sister I remembered to take photos of the products! This comes as a shock as I seem to have forgotten every time to take photos so why I remembered this time I have no idea, but remember I did. The fact I normally forget should come as no surprise as I have a memory worse than a goldfish, actually my memory could even be described as worse than a goldfish with dementia it’s that bad, and I am not even exaggerating here. Every time I write these blogs I have to keep re-reading what I wrote just to remember what I wanted to say which is probably why they are usually so disjointed… anyway what was I saying?

Oh yeah that was it… Brooches! So here is a stunning picture (Not using Instagram, honestly…) of all my hard work!









Aren’t they so colourful and pretty and all using vintage buttons, not that I am biased at all! I am afraid not all the ones in this picture are still available as quite a few have sold which is excellent news for the NSPCC but not so good if you had your eye on one. If you do see one that’s jumping out at you let me know and I can tell you if I still have it in stock. But I bet you want to know prices, they obviously cost an arm and a leg… I am joking of course we have tried to keep them very affordable!

 Small ones like these, as seen at the front of the main picture are £1.50 each from that £1.20 goes to the NSPCC 30p covers the cost of materials, the cost of my time is completely free!  The small brooches are around 4-5cm.









 Larger ones like these, as seen towards the back of the main picture are £2.00 each with £1.50 going to the NSPCC and 50p covering the cost of materials. Larger brooches are generally over 5cm.









 Finally, and I admit these are my favourite, are the tape measure brooches! These come in blue, green, pink, yellow, white, lemon and multicoloured (I don’t have any multicoloured coloured ones to photograph yet as they have all sold and I am waiting for more supplies) These stunning little brooches can come in large and small and are just £3.00 (sorry these are more expensive as supplies cost more for these) £2.00 goes to the NSPCC and £1.00 covers supplies!








What’s that I hear you saying, you love these with a burning passion but don’t know/see me in person how can you get your hands on one and help the NSPCC in the process? Worry not, I will happily post them to you, postage is 80p for the first brooch and a further 40p for everyone after that within the same parcel, and you can send me the money via PayPal, see you can all have stunning hand-made brooches too!

Was that enough shameless publicity for you all?!? You never know at the rate at which I am publicising and making these brooches I am going to need to get a bigger basket on my bike… maybe one like this:








If you don’t want a brooch but still want to help us and help the NSPCC you can donate money directly at http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge if you want to help us but can’t afford any money we completely understand that too, we are looking for help any way possible, even if that is just a hot meal as we travel to France in April. Thank you so much for everything you are all doing from the both of us.

Nikki xx


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