Tissues and Lemsip at the ready!

Hi everyone!

It would seem that after Nikki being ill at the beginning of the week, the past few days were my turn! I have been full of a cold and unable to ride due to the way my immune system works. When ill, it seems to direct all resources to fight the illness. Ok, it means I get better quicker, however it also means I have very little energy. Thankfully now all that remains is a runny nose, which will hopefully be gone by tomorrow.
On Monday I plan to cycle the original canal route that Nikki and myself first cycled when we bought our bikes. Given that Cyclemeter collected data from that trip, doing so again will mean that comparisons can be made between then and now, and our progress can be measured! Hopefully we will see a vast improvement!
Until then, please visit http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge to read our mission statement and to donate.


P.s. Regarding the charity quiz at the White Bear, Barrowford, the date is the 8th December and it will start at approximately 8pm. This is subject to change at the minute as the pub needs to check that the date is ok, but all being well, that is when it will be.


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