Back into the swing of things… almost.

So, as promised, a proper blog entry!

Yesterday Nikki and myself set out on a bike ride around Nikki’s area. For once it was Nikki knowing where we were and me being lost! Nikki had the route in her head but wouldn’t tell me anything other than it was about 20 miles.
We cycled a round trip to Whalley on a route that had a bit of everything; road, track, hills, hills, more hills! Some of them, especially one going into Clayton-le-moors almost killed us. Despite this though, our average speed has increased to 11.02mph! We had to cut the trip slightly shorter than planned due to the fact that Nikki’s head wasn’t 100%, meaning being on the roads on a bike wasn’t the safest thing she could be doing!

I think we are well on our way to meeting month 2’s target of 30miles a day!
We have also been thinking of ways to raise more money for the NSPCC. One of these is making and selling handmade brooches. The few that Nikki has made have already been getting attention! I will also be making Christmas tree decorations to sell. The second way we have come up with is to hold a charity quiz. This will be held at the White Bear pub in Barrowford, however the date is yet to be confirmed. We are hoping that local companies will kindly donate items for prizes, and there will also be a raffle.

Please, if you haven’t already done so, visit to donate and to read our mission statement.



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