Life is like riding a bike. It is impossible to maintain your balance while standing still.

Oh dear I feel that once again I am starting the blog off with an apology! I really should just hang my head in shame!

 I am so so sorry we have neglected the blog recently and our blog entries have been beyond terrible, I would be surprised if we had any readers at all left! But I promise you while our blog entries may be described as ‘poor’ I promise our progress isn’t so bad! Honest!

I have gone out on my bike nearly ever day since my head has started to get better, I admit I might not have gone far but at least I have gone out, though my thighs are seriously not liking me at the moment, every time I move they cry at me! Oh well what’s the saying ‘no pain, no gain’ well I definitely have the pain lets hope the gain starts soon.

Why when we started this months ago did I think it would be easy? Am I actually crazy?!? Please don’t actually answer that! It’s certainly taking more time and effort than I thought it would, yes I know this classes me as naive and definitely within the crazy element of people but please don’t all have me committed, at least not until I have raised muchos dineros for the NSPCC.

So other than my crazy ass bike ride how else am I raising money? As Dan mentioned in last nights blog we are doing a charity quiz night, yes I am just slightly excited about it! I am a bit sad I know to get so excited, but clearly I don’t live the most adventure filled life. When we know an exact date we will of course let you all know, but it looks like its going to be early December and its going to be in Barrowford and you know I am going to beg and plead every single one of you until you all hate me just to make sure you all come! The quiz itself is going to be lots of fun and then we are planning a few games for half time, such as the wonderful sticky 13 (If you don’t know what that is you HAVE to come now just to find out!). There should also be a raffle, I mean who doesn’t love a raffle! I am currently away at my sisters at the moment (don’t worry I promise I am still training and working hard even while here), but when I get home I am going round to all the local businesses to beg and pray for them to donate things for the raffle. I am sure they will have kindness in their hearts for me, I can after all be very persuasive as I am sure my friends will tell you! Wish me luck all the same!

Other ways I am raising money…. well it was suggested that I maybe do a christmas gift wrapping service, I can be rather creative when it come to wrapping pressies. So if you, or anyone you know, wants a bit of help wrapping please email me at All the money from that will go to the NSPCC and of course raise awareness for our craziness.

Thirdly I am raising money as well by selling flower corsage brooches! I feel a bit like I am working in a sweat factory as I have so far created about 50 of these brooches. Every time I sit down to watch tv I am making brooches… again!!!! I have sold 3 so far so that’s good, or at least its made me happy… like I said little things and all that! They are really cute and slightly vintage-y so I will get photos of them taken and get them up here. I have ordered some headbands as well so I will make some very Blair Waldarf-esque flower corsage head wear! Again I promise pictures to follow soon!

So yeah like I said above, the blog may have been a bit naff recently but we have been working hard to raise awareness and money for what we are doing! I really hope you are all spreading the word like crazy for us as well! You are aren’t you? I may cry if you aren’t! Oh well if all else fails and we are really struggling to raise awareness maybe we need to attach one of these to our bikes each:

(I would have photoshoped our logo onto that but what can I say, I’m lazy!)

Hopefully this blog has entertained, if it has please consider why we are doing this and consider donating anything you can. Go to to donate, all money will be going to the NSPCC. Thank you.

Nikki xx


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