Sweat is Fat Crying

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If the title of this entry is true, mine was in agony today!

After finishing work today, I went to DW Fitness Centre Blackburn. I was determined to do more than two hours on the bikes then the pool. I still did the bikes and the pool, but I also tried out the weight machines, working on triceps, biceps, and chest. (Sounds like some theme park of pain! Which device can I try out now to torture my muscles till they actually work properly?!)

Now, I fully admit that i’m not used to the kind of strains the weights were putting on my muscles, and will no doubt ache tomorrow, but I think I need to work on upper body strength as well as legs (Nikki, no comments about how they’re really skinny and need to bulk up please! I know you’re thinking it!). Now obviously we don’t want to be, as somebody I work with says, “getting massive”, that would just add more weight to the bike and make the trip a lot harder, however upper body strength is needed on a bike. Although the legs do most of the work, there is still strain on the chest and especially on the wrists, hence why those areas need training too. In Mark Beaumont‘s documentary of cycling around the world, there is a scene near the beginning showing his training. As well as training on the bike, In the gym he is seen using weights, exercise bikes and the big balls used in stuff like Pilates. (Can’t you tell I don’t know what they’re called!).

It turned out that the only thing with trying these weights and not being used to it is that it felt like I had killed several muscles in the process, so when I got to the pool, the most i managed this time was 25 lengths 😦

Given time, we’ll probably be able to complete the equivalent of a triathlon within the gym, but at the minute, we’re just picking and choosing the equipment we use. I really do think that a personal trainer might be useful, but at the same time, I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with someone scrutinising my every movement.

Before I go, I would also like to say a big thank you to Sheila Pollard of Barrowford for her generous donation! =)

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