Sleep is the best meditation.

So, this post is going to be really lame. I’m tired and simply haven’t had time this weekend to do much training other than cycling to work and back. This will seem like a list of excuses, but I’ve had early starts, work, and to top it all off, I’ve had to re-build my iMac after OSX went a bit weird (my iMac is the main computer for video editing and also retrieving emails).

I would however like to thank Nikki for her post last night! It really did make me smile.

As for training, I will be back on it tomorrow after a decent nights sleep! It’ll either be a bike ride with Nikki choosing where we go, or a trip to DW Fitness Centre Blackburn, in which case, it’ll be bikes, cross trainers, possibly rowers, and most certainly the pool! (Nikki, no hints at all here as to which I’d rather it be :-P) Also, as Nikki said yesterday, we need to find a dietitian. Although we are both eating a lot healthier now, I think the problem is we’re not eating the right number of calories for what we are burning off, hence the feeling of a lack of energy. This is an area we’ll need to tackle well in advance of the actual trip to France!

While I’m off in the land of nod, please take the time to visit to donate and to find out why we’re doing this.

And now, time for bed!



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