“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”

I am sorry if you where all expecting it to be Dan’s blog tonight, we have done a blog swapsies, so he will write tomorrow instead. So why is it mine tonight? Well the simple reason today has been the best day on the bike so far and also the worst day, not possible right? Afraid little blog readers it totally is.

So lets start with the good should we. The sun was shining today! Don’t worry I am not going to end just there, I have more good news than just it being sunny.

So as I was saying, big yay to that golden ball in the sky, being nearly the end of October I had given up any hope of seeing it again, but I woke up this morning and there it was glaring at me through the window. Despite me deciding the night before I was NOT under any circumstances going on my bike today I thought that since the weather was choosing to be so nice to me it would have been rude of me to ignore it and stay in the house. Knowing there was a vintage fair on in Whalley it would be a lovely place to cycle to, I even dressed for the occasion. Sadly I have yet to find a way to take pictures of myself, so you will just have to cope with this screencap from my all time favourite movie, The Notebook, (yes I really truly am just THAT girly!) to get an idea of my 1940’s attire while on my bike.

Sorry the picture is dark, the scene is at night when Allie cycles over to Noah’s house in the summer they fell in love, oh its all so magical! Seriously this film is beyond amazing go watch… go watch it now in fact, I will still be here when you get back. You still here? Go! Go watch this film!

Ok so you can go watch it later, I will check you have all seen it though! So as for the rest of my day. I got to Whalley absolutely fine, this is probably helped in large part by the fact its ALL DOWNHILL! Trust me who ever said diamonds are a girls best friend has never tried going on a long bike ride, down hills are definitely my best friend! Whalley was lovely when I got there, in record time I might add, I went the vintage fair and bought two pairs of shoes… because you know I clearly NEEDED them! So they are now sat on my shoe self too! 😀

There was also a book fair on, seriously my two favourite types of fair in one village, you can just image my hyperness…. throw in a wedding fair and I would have been in heaven! Hence today being one of my best days of training so far. The problem with the book fair? Books! I realise that sounds mildly contradictory, but there was so many I wanted, so I bought lots, and the money was going to the church so that made me feel good, until it came to putting the 10 hard back books plus assorted paperbacks I have just bought into my panniers bags. I bet you can see where the bad is starting to come into this day.

Seriously one day my brain is actually going to have to function properly, because it really doesn’t at the moment! As I set off home I realised that getting to Whalley had all been downhill which makes getting home…. yeap, all flipping UP HILL!!! Of course my bike is also now crazily heavier and bulkier… why do I do this to myself?!?

So I know I have questioned if I can do this on other occasions, but today wasn’t so much a question as me actually giving up and beyond doubting myself. I tried my best up so many hills, but my legs hurt so god damn badly, and I can’t no matter how hard I try, seem to push through that pain. I kept stopping and feeling like I was about to pass out or throw up (admit it, I truly am the sexiest woman you have ever read!). It got to the stage where I was on a country track and I gave up, I led my bike on the floor and burst into tears. Full on bawling my eyes out while sat there on the grass. As I said this really was the worst day so far of training for me.

So here is where I feel like an alcoholic anonymous, what did I do when felt like I couldn’t go on and wanted to give up? I rang my sponsor. My sponsor of course being Dan. We knew from day one of going into this we would both have days when we felt we couldn’t do it and that we would be called upon to motivate each other, and I have to say Dan was brilliant at motivating me today. He reminded me that it is only the end of the first month I can’t be expected to be perfect just yet, it is going to hurt and it’s just a case of mind over matter and I CAN push through the pain even if I feel I can’t. He also laughed at all the added weight I had put into my panniers, I am possibly a bit of a numpty for doing that. He also made me realise I am an extra little bit a numpty for setting off having only had a slice of cake all day, although I had drank enough water to sink the Titanic, but as water has no calories and no energy, what little I put into my body this morning with the cake would not have been enough to last me my full bike ride and no wonder my muscles where crying out in pain! We have decided we both could do with seeing a nutritionist, so as of monday my search for one will start.

I really do owe a lot to Dan and that phone call, it cheered my up and got me back on my bike, although admittedly at a very slow pace, but slow pace or not, I got home in one very achy and sore piece. I have since this evening soaked in a very hot bath for over an hour while watching Strictly (Yes I am also that sad as well as being that girly) and my legs are feeling a little easier.

I have my determination back to complete this and raise as much as we can for the NSPCC, so much so that I even plan to get back on the bike tomorrow! So there you have it, told you it could be my best and my worst day of training all in one day, and you didn’t believe me, did you?! But hey you never know, if I am still struggling after a few more months I could also take more inspiration from The Notebook (knew I would get another reference in there… seriously watch the film!) and rely on Dan a little further, by getting him to cycle to France like this:

Please I ask you all to find it in your hearts to support us, so my emotional outburst in public and all this pain we are putting ourselves through is worth it. Please go to www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge to donate and help us on our journey to France. Thank you.

Nikki xx


2 responses to ““It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”

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  2. Sod the nutritionalist – you just need to eat sensibly for raised activity levels. Get plenty of complex carbs in – so wheatabix or shreddies or porridge for breakfast, brown bread for your lunchtime sandwiches, and a mix of carbs and protein for tea. don’t forget your other food groups but all you need is a good sensible and balanced diet. no riding on an empty stomach and if you’re out riding just take some cereal bars, flapjack or sandwiches.

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