“Let them eat cake”

Evening all!

I am afraid I am going to apologise before I even get too far into this post in case I disappoint anyone, but I have a feeling this may end up being one of these very short but sweet and possibly not very amusing post…. but that doesn’t mean you can all stop reading now you never know I may tell you something world-shattering-ly amazing later on.

Ok so you know that’s a big fib, I have no earth shattering news to tell you, but I will be quizzing you all later to check who read my post.

So as for the reason of the very short and sweet post is because I am exhausted! Some smart little red-head (Can’t think who I mean, and yes I am being sarcastic with the use of the word smart) decided today would be a good day to cycle to DW sports fitness gym (getting lost along the way was total part of the plan as well… honest), then doing over an hour and a half in the gym when I got there, followed by 100 lengths of their pool, which  btw was completely empty. I felt like a princess who owned the pool, you can imagine how giddy I was  in the there!

The downside to all this exercise… realising as I got changed again I still had to cycle home again! My legs ached so much! This is me totally shamelessly demanding sympathy off you all… so give me sympathy now… please….

So I bet now you all think that I went home and watched tv with my feet up? How little faith you all have in me! I actually cycled to my grandma’s, stayed and chatted to her for a while and then cycled home. So now comes the tv watching, feet putting up right? Wrong!! Wow it’s like I am a completely different person tonight. Tonight you can call me Nikki the amazing domestic goddess! I came home and baked! Yes you read that right I spent time in my kitchen (but you might have already worked that out from todays title), normally the only items in my kitchen that see use are the microwave and the toaster, so actually choosing to spend time in there is quite impressive. I made a homemade chicken and leek pie, a home-made cherry Bakewell tart, and just so I can class myself as a real blogger, some strawberry and chocolate french macaroons!

 I am sorry to burst anyones bubble, but this picture was taken for a cooking website that I got the recipe from as mine weren’t quite this neat… not that the phrase ‘disasterous mess’ come to mind or anything, honestly.

I know I am trying to be healthy and shouldn’t be making these, as they certainly won’t help keep me on the bike, but I decided that a celebration was in order. Why I hear you all ask, or at least I hope it’s all you guys asking or else the voices in my head are being rather noisy again! Well the reason for the celebrating, dan and I have reached the end of our first month of training!! A big yay and also a slight stomach wrenching fear. I thought I would be fitter after my first month but I guess everything just takes a little longer than my over optimistic mind told me they would. I think it might be time for Dan and I to start making some goals to work towards as we reach the end of each training month. Any suggestions would be muchly appreciated.

Now I did question as I was making the Bakewell and macaroons that maybe I should make something a little more bike themed as a celebratory cake and a quick google search produced some amazing ideas, which I very much recommend you all going to look at, but I am afraid a mixture of a) laziness, b) a desire for my favourite macaroons and C) intimidation by how amazing some of those cakes are, that led to me making what I did. The one cake that did catch my eye and make me giggle was this one:

 Seriously the detail and time that has gone into that is incredible. The article it is related too says it was a wedding cake! Just how much do you both need to be into bikes to have a bike themed wedding cake! I guess it would make your wedding stand out. Just in case however, you want your wedding cake a little more traditional here are some options!

So that was my rather full day and hence the exhaustion now, and the reason I am going to be very lame on a Friday night and have an early night with a good book and a cuddly little cat. We are both working so hard with this challenge and it’s all in aid of the NSPCC to help end cruelty to children, so please just spare a few moments to read why we are doing this and to donate anything you can. Go to www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge to find out more. Thank you.

Nikki xx


2 responses to ““Let them eat cake”

  1. Training goals… if it;s a 25m pool, i used to be able to do 100 lengths (2.5km) in 50 mins. As for riding targets, i can ride the 14 miles from mine to bradford in an hour, which is a fairly flat ride – worth aiming for i think.

    • I think one of the major problems we have round here is everything is so god damn hilly! There is just no where you can go that doesn’t involve climbing up a few massive hills! There isn’t really any flat rides unless we go on the canal, but as my hybrid bike is more towards road bike than moutain bike it doesn’t like being on the bumpy canal track. But alas it isn’t going to stop me getting out there and trying, I will concur these hills! I have to admit my concept of distance is terrible so I will have to look into how big the pool at the gym is. Thank you for commenting! Nikki xx

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