“The one thing that turns dreams into reality is effort” – Boy am I feeling the effort

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Can you believe its my time to write a blog again, it feels like it was only the day before last when I was sat here writing one… oh, wait a minute….

I am afraid I don’t have much in terms of exciting new developments to tell you as Dan seems to have covered a lot of it. As he mentioned in the last post we have a huge thank you to say to Linden at Blackburn DW Sports fitness for granting us guest membership to the gym until our proper memberships come through from head office. Yesterday Dan and I took advantage of these memberships and went to the gym. I admit I am not the biggest fan of the gym. I am so self conscious and worry that people are watching me, and as a pale little red-head I am well aware of just how red in the face I go with any form of physical exertion… it’s not what a lady should look like. I probably look more like Bridget Jones than I would like!

Although the thing I do love going to the gym for… the swimming pool and jacuzzi! I will happily put up with the horror of getting into a swimming costume if it means I get to spend time in the water, I am such a water baby at heart. Can you guess what my favourite Disney movie was as a child?

I know I said above I had nothing greatly new and exciting to tell you, but I have just realised I have the most exciting news to tell you all. News which I am sure you have all been waiting for with bated breath to hear….


…. My bike is fixed!!!!

I know, how exciting! The wonderful people at Blackburn Cycle and Scooter center have looked over my bike again (I am sure they must have got annoyed with me keep taking it in) they lengthened the gears cable and now it doesn’t seem to be having any problems. So fingers crossed this is now it completely fixed! I will certainly be testing it and you know keeping you all updated about it, whether you like it our not!

Tomorrow morning I am hoping to get up early and cycle the 5 miles to the gym and use that amazing pool again! On Sunday the lovely Georgina is putting up with me as well as she has offered to come on a bike ride with me, of course she may later regret that decision when I keep asking her again and again to cycle with me, but I need as much encouragement as I can get at the moment!

So to end my post… I haven’t done many pictures this time (shock horror!) so as is my way I though I would end with one. Sticking with the exercise theme of the post I thought I would share this picture with you, I know if nothing else it will tickle my mother.

Getting children to exercise can be hard these days, seems this mother has found a way….

 … by stealing her sons bike and getting him to chase her!

Thank you so much for continuing to read our blogs and supporting us, to read why we are doing this and to donate anything you can to this wonderful cause please go to www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge Thank you so much.

Nikki xx


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