“Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever”

Pour lire dans le clic français ici.

I’d like to start off with a massive thank you to Linden at DW Fitness Centre Blackburn who has very kindly sponsored us with guest membership until full membership has been confirmed by head office. This will be a great help in our training for the gruelling trip, so thank you from both Nikki and myself!

Today was the first time we used this membership.

Now, I have never stepped foot in a gym before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, however once I got into it, I actually enjoyed it! Firstly I was on the cycle machines, and after doing so, I’ve come to the conclusion that my exercise bike is useless in comparison! To be honest, on mine, I may as well be doing this:

I then tried the treadmill. I actually amused myself slightly on here as I didn’t dare to let go of the hand rail at the front of it. I had the image of myself going flying backwards because I’d set the speed too fast. Next was the rower machine. Surprisingly i found this one quite easy, apart from dehydration setting in as I’d forgotten to bring a drink with me! Then there was the one I was dreading! The Pool! I was dreading it for two reasons; 1) Nikki has already been making fun of my “pale skinny legs” and continues to do so at any opportunity she gets! So, the next area of my body she’s never seen, my chest, another area which never sees sunlight! and 2) Like Michael McIntyre, and probably because of his sketch about it, I have issues with communal changing rooms, and the prospect of public nudity in them. So, I enter the pool, mentally prepared for Nikki’s abuse…. it never came! Ok, I was relieved by this, but also a bit shocked. As for the changing room issue, I found a towel can come in very useful!

So, tomorrow… Nikki’s leg is still hurting after the incident with the lump and the pedal on Sunday, so the plan is either a bike ride, or if Nikki isn’t feeling up to it, I will spend a few hours at the Gym. If somebody told me 4 weeks ago that I would be saying that now, I’d have laughed!

Please help make our efforts worth it by supporting the amazing NSPCC and going to www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge to donate, and while you’re at it please also show us your support by ‘liking’ our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/r2rchellenge as we are determined to get to 100 likes by friday to mark the end of our first month of training. Thank you so much!



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