“Reject your sense of injury and the injury itself disappears.” – I can but hope!

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Hello again everyone,

So big surprise I have an apology to make… I was far too tired to even attempt a post last night. I did have every intention, I sat down at the computer and opened up WordPress but my body would not co-operate and my eyes kept drifting shut, so I decided that sleep was the best option and to forego the blog yesterday, I figured you would all forgive me.

So as both Dan and I have told you that yesterday we decided to really push ourselves and go on a crazy bike ride, sadly it did not go to plan (And in case anyone is thinking it, it wasn’t because of my hangover as I was perfectly sober!) If anyone followed our Twitter feed yesterday they would see that at 3.11pm we set off, big yay for us! Then the not so yay…. at 3.36pm we set off again?!? A glitch with technology? Alas not so much, more a glitch with the bikes and human performance.

We got about 5 mins away from home, and I noticed Dan’s back tire was looking slightly flat (and by slightly I mean the metal part of the tire was almost touching the road!). Dan’s handle bars had also decided to go a little crazy and become loose. I have to admit at this point I was questioning if the little bike imps had got into Dan’s bike shed and meddled with his bike as it had seemed fine the day before. Or maybe that’s just my over active imagination… feel free to add you own ideas below on how is bike went so wrong in less than 24 hours!

So hence the two set offs, Dan tightened his handle bars, pumped up his tires and re-filled the water bottles (as we had maybe possibly forgotten that!) and off we went again. As we set off I suddenly got this really bad feeling something was going to go wrong today, now I know this is probably quite normal and most people get bad feelings from time to time, but this felt different! Now I am not saying I am a witch sat round my cauldron on a saturday night cursing people… or at least not that people know I am….

However normally when I get these bad feelings I really should listen… like the first time we went out on the bikes and I had ‘the feeling’ and then my grandma fell in the garden and we had to cycle back as fast as we could. Or the time a few years ago when I again had ‘the feeling’ and ended up contracting swine flu! One day I will listen to what my mind is telling me…. yesterday however not so much and boy did I pay for it!

We started off ok (on the second attempt obviously) our ride was going really well, we decided to do the same route as that first time we properly took our bikes out and we have noticed a mass improvement on our fitness levels, as we managed to go faster and for longer and there was no stopping on the hills, and breathlessness was less of an issue. We have nearly doubled our average speed on that route this time, first time we attempted it we only managed a measly 6.4mph this time it was 11.9mph! Yay!

However our good news, starts to end there….

Cycling along the road probably one happened… we where less than half way to our target location and my poor little head went into over drive and for me that means pain! As I mentioned in a previous post I have a problem with my brain that meant I was on sick leave for a long time last year and eventually made me give up my job as a photographer. My brain seems to have no perception filter, so for example, if you are in a car with someone chatting to them and the radio is on at the same time. A normal person will concentrate on the conversation and your brain will register that the radio is on and your brain might even very quickly tell you what the song is but that will be it, it will then continue concentrating on the conversation with the person you are talking to… my brain not so much… yes I can have the same conversation with the same person, however I can also not just register there is a song on I can hear, and my brain will register, every word that the song sings. I will also hear every noise the car is making and everything my eyes see as we pass will also get registered… you get the problem. Another way of putting it is, say in a restaurant, I can tell you what ever table around me has ordered because my brain doesn’t know how to filter it out what it needs and what it doesn’t and therefore thinks everything must be important. So this crazy amount of information makes my brain go into overdrive and the only way to cope with it is to cause me pain. Day-to-day I can manage it and I just sometimes have to be a bit careful with what I do, but I live a normal life now. But anyway enough about my head now you know the problem, back to the doomed bike ride.

We were cycling up a hill on a lovely busy main road, and I don’t know whether it was because of all the cars, or the sun that kept flashing through all the trees, or probably the more exact reason is because I hadn’t taken my tablets the night before I was drinking. Parents if you are reading this I didn’t really just admit to not taking my tablets! But my gosh my head hurt! I couldn’t for the life of me see properly anymore, and trust me double vision while on a bike on a busy road is not a good thing! Thankfully we were round the corner from a little country pub, so we stopped and got a drink each and I took some pain killers so I could get my vision back. It was quite pleasant actually just sat in this beer garden and of course it gave me another chance to pick on Dan’s skinny legs, which yesterday where in leggings! It’s an amusing sight I tell you all!

The executive decision was made to not do the rest of the ride and instead just head home, and as I wasn’t 100% on my bike we decided to go home via the canal.It was very pleasant, the weather was nice, it was quite sunny, and there was lots of ducks, some of which decided to follow us! I was proud though as even just leisurely cycling back we still made 10.2mph average speed.

So I bet you are thinking that probably the worst is over with right? I wish! So here is also the part where I sound like I am falling apart as I have another issue with my body!

For about 6 years now I have had a mystery lump on my shin. I have every test the hospital offers and they have no clue what it is. It doesn’t greatly bother me all the time, sometimes it aches and causes a problem with walking, but the time it really hurts, and I am talking about the kind of pain that makes you throw up and burst into tears, is when it gets knocked. Can you guess yet what happened on the ride? Oh yes, it got hit and it got hit hard! Went over a speed bump, my feet came off the pedals and the pedals spun round and hit it dead on! The bruise is huge! I was in so much pain! I couldn’t even attempt to put any weight or force on my leg and as for the tears, well I looked a right mess. Thankfully we were only about 10 mins from Dan’s house, and it has taught me a useful lesson… when push comes to shove I can now say I can cycle with only one leg doing the work!

So that was our eventful sunday… was definitely a punishing bike ride but not quite in the way we thought and maybe next time I have ‘the feeling’ I will listen to it and just stay at home wrapped in a blanket with a hot chocolate instead!

(This dog definitely has the right idea!)

As for todays ending pictures, I have found one that seems to fit with the injury theme of this post…. If I carry on getting hurt at the rate I have been doing (Not that I have any intention of that, of course) Dan may well yet be peddling me to France on this:

It would certainly make it a bit easier for me!

Days like yesterday certainly make me question at times why I am doing this, so please help me remember by supporting the amazing NSPCC and going to www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge to donate, and while you’re at it please also show us your support by ‘liking’ our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/r2rchellenge as we are determined to get to 100 likes by friday to mark the end of our first month of training. Thank you so much!

Nikki xx


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