I want to ride my bicycle; I want to ride my bike… or technically maybe I don’t at the moment!

Pour lire dans le clic français ici.

Good evening all!

I can’t believe its come round to my time again to write a blog! I think this is the first time I have felt a little nervous about writing an entry. After the crazy success of this blog, all about my shoes, our blog seems to have really taken off, which while is absolutely brilliant for what we are doing, it does make it slightly daunting for the girl who can’t even seem to get a human grasp on the english language!

The other thing that has scared me out my wits today is when I realised this time next week will officially mark the end of month one of training! That gives me one more week to get brilliantly fit and make up killer hills, so at least I can feel like I have been mildly productive during the first month! Although I admit I have been a bad bad girl and haven’t been on my bike since…

… (Wait for it)

…monday *ducks head in shame*. That’s really bad isn’t it? If I don’t get back on it soon it’s going to start looking like this:

 I do realise if I don’t get back on it soon the prospect of me getting to France in April is looking slimmer and slimmer. So what are my reasons for not going on my bike this week? Work overload maybe? Sorry, no its been dead this week (No pun intended… ok maybe a little pun intended)

So if it wasn’t work I must be unwell then, right? Again not so much I am actually fit as a fiddle this week… well except for the fact I have lost feeling in my toes but that’s a whole different story in itself.

Ok so it’s not because of work and it’s not because of illness that I have not been on my bike… the weather then? It MUST be the weather that s stopped me, right?….

… ummm *hides in the corner due to shame* We have actually had some really lovely days, so everyday I knew I should be on my bike but yet I never got on… so why? So here is the point were I look girly and you all laugh at me… I have lost my confidence!

Ok so don’t all laugh too loudly at me! It’s ever since I have had issues with those gears. I tried riding on monday but the gears kept jumping again and so now its made me a little cautious about getting on as I KNOW its going to have a problem when I come to the first hill and have to shift gears. So now I bet you are all asking why haven’t I just taken it back to Blackburn Cycle and Scooter Center to be looked at then? As much as I shouldn’t admit it I think I have been slightly using it as an excuse to give my poor achy muscles and sore bottom a bit of a rest… I am a bad cyclistI know!

But so you don’t all hate me and start demanding your donations back, Dan and I have already decided that on Sunday we are going on a mammoth long ride and if my bike is still having problems after I have attempted to ride the gears in then we will take it back to the bike doctors on Monday and get it checked.  So fingers crossed we can get it sorted!

As for this actual ride on sunday though, I am letting Dan plan the route and it will all be round his neck-of-the-woods, so I can’t even tell you were we are going even if I wanted to… lets just hope Dan doesn’t just abandon me or I may be lost around Burnley for all enternity… how much of a scary prospect does that sound! :S

The other potential problems I can foresee with a bike ride on sunday (discounting the obvious weather related) is that you may have one slightly hung over cyclist… not saying which of us of course…why am I trying to be cryptic everyone knows its me who will be the hung over one! Saturday night is a friend’s birthday and of course it would be rude to not celebrate with a few drinks! So yeah, a ride on sunday could definitely be interesting… lets just hope I can cycle in a straight line and don’t wobble too much on the main roads!

The second problem I can foresee is that Sunday night is my blog night so I will apologise in advance for when I look like this and you get no blog post!

So finally I will just update you on admin things that I have done and then I will stop boring you all and let you enjoy the rest of your Friday night. You may notice that the blog has a new look, we decided we did not like the green and it didn’t at all go with our logo etc so we decided to find a new colour scheme… easier said than done… I think I went through every single one of the 159 layouts that WordPress do, so hopefully you will all like this one! Any problems with it please let me know.

You will also notice that the blog post no longer have both French and English on the same entry. It was decided they should each have their own blog completely dedicated to their language (Though I apologise again to all the French people out there for whom the entries probably don’t make a lot of sense as they are just Google translated and you know how reliable that can be!). So the English blog address is http://r2rchallenge.wordpress. com and the French blog address is http://r2rdefi.wordpress.com

While we were doing separate blogs we also decided separate Facebook pages were needed too.. so I present to you the English version www.facebook.com.r2rchallenge and the French version www.facebook.com/r2rdefi To mark the end of our first month we are hoping to get the total numbers of ‘likes’ up to 100 on the English version and 50 on the French, so if you haven’t done so already please ‘like’ our facebook page and spread the word to anyone and everyone! Please Facebook about us and twitter about us and of course word of mouth, just like the wonderful Shoeperwoman and Redalligatorgroup!

So I am sure I have bored you all senseless now, so I will just end with a funny photograph to keep you all chuckling.

Quite a few people have questioned where Dan and I will sleep each night and what we will do if we can not find someone to put us up one night, so today I came up with the solution….

So please save me from the embarrassment of having to cycle to France on that thing, and if you can’t donate money then please help in any way you can even if that’s simply giving us a bed for the night or a hot meal or telling everyone you know about what we are doing. All money raised is going to the amazing NSPCC, so please support us in any way you can. Go to www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge to read all about why we are doing this. Thank you.

Nikki xx

P.s If you haven’t done so already please vote for your favourite posters either here or on Facebook. Every vote counts!


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