A latecomer to the competition…

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Hi all.

After looking at the number of votes for the posters, we noticed that quite a lot of you are voting for the ones with the “Vintage style” photos on. We have reviewed these two designs and come to the conclusion that although quirky, they weren’t quirky enough. The images looked good, but the rest of the poster was too clean to match their style. There was too much juxtaposition between the two styles. So, we decided to throw a late entry in and extend the voting period for an extra day.

We wanted to create something that had a vintage look to match the photos, but also use the red, white and blue of the R2R logo. So, after spending time playing about with various design ideas, from postcards to old sweet tins, we settled upon an idea. While at work today, I had the idea of old fashioned circus posters, the kind you see in films like Moulin Rouge, and how the information could be shown in that style.

  (Slightly creepy!!!)

While trying to design the poster, it was a challenge to find a design that would allow space for sponsor logos at the bottom. It also had to be red, white, and blue to match the British Union Jack and the French Tricolour. After numerous internet searches, we finally found a design that would work!

Please  keep it in mind that the image used in this image is for mock up purposes only, however should it win the vote, we will purchase the full quality image which obviously will not say “iStockPhoto” in the background.

So, without further ado, I present entry number 5!



So, with voting extended for a further 24 hours, please consider this entry when you cast your vote!

Please help us raise some much-needed money for this amazing charity. Please go to www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge. Thank you.




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