“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

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Evening all!

Last night I posted on Facebook a sneaky peak of one of the photos from the photo shoot we had on Monday afternoon. If you aren’t part of our Facebook group I have to ask, why not?!? I am joking, I know some of you just aren’t up to date enough with these young ‘uns to know about Facebook, *cough, my parents*. So if you haven’t seen the picture, here it is:

I love this picture! So much so it is now my profile picture on Facebook. However others seem to have had a different opinion and my choice of bike riding outfit has come into question! Or should I say more exactly what I am wearing on my feet!

Now this has led me to ask myself who decide on the rule that if you are riding a bike you must wear flat shoes? I hate flat shoes, I am sure I am not the first woman in history to ever say that! I feel short, and if there is one thing I hate to feel its short. I know,  I know, you are all going to tell me that I am sat down so what is on my feet should make no different to my height, but trust me it does! I feel graceful and pretty and like a lady and I sit taller on my bike while in heels, and with poise and elegance… ok so  as you can tell in my head I am still pretending I am Kelly Brook from my earlier post, let me go on dreaming.

But who wouldn’t feel pretty, elegant and lady-like on their bike wearing these:

 My Vivienne Westwood‘s are pure heaven!

It’s all really about a little bit of balance when it comes to cycling in heels, but then isn’t that the case when walking in heels aswell?!? You just have to make sure you cycle on the ball of your foot and don’t catch the heel, as nothing is worse than knowing you have just ruined your favourite pair of heels! Secretly don’t you just envy that girl who doesn’t let her outfit dictate whether she rides her bike or drives her car? I know I do, as while I don’t have a problem with the footwear, the dresses can still cause a few little hick ups as I head downhill, I always worry I am going to end up look a little like this:

 Now that would be embarrassing, and not something the world needs to be subjected to!!

But am I the only crazy person out there wearing high heels to bike ride? Of course not!! There are people all over the world who have mastered the slightly tricky art of riding in heels. There are websites dedicated to it in fact! In New York a special bike rack has been created for that shoe loving, bike riding lady about town, and I have to say I LOVE it:

 Do you think I can get one fitted in my garden?

But honestly how many pairs of heels can I have right? Surely I will get bored soon and go back to wearing sensible flat cycling shoes? Well safe to say I have one or two to choose from:

 or technically maybe more like over 300…

So I am afraid to say you are going to have to put up with seeing my cycling in heels for a while to come yet. Sorry Lance Armstrong you can keep your spandex. You can compete in the Tour de France, I’ll compete in the Tour de Stylish!

Lets also try to keep a little perspective here, I am after all riding a bike, which will involve sitting down for the most part, I am not attempting to say, rock climb in heels:

Play football in heels:

or go scuba diving in heels:

So I think I am going to be safe… but hey, you never know if my obsession with high heels gets total crazy I may just end up riding to France in this:

As Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” I don’t plan on conquering the world yet, just the 650 miles to France. If you want to help us along the way so we can raise some much-needed money for this amazing charity please go to www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge thank you.

Nikki xx



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