Whats the harm in a little self publicity…

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The first thing I have to do is hugely apologise to all you lovely readers out there, it was completely supposed to be me writing a blog last night and as you all saw no blog happened. So here is where I start with all the excuses!

The truth is I was just far too tired last night to even attempt to start being witty and writing a blog! I had only had about 3 and a half hours sleep on saturday night/sunday morning, then when I got back Sunday lunchtime from Manchester my whole family were here. To say I don’t see my parents and little brother much is an understatement, as they live in France I see them maybe 3 to 4 times a year, so it was lovely to see them. My big sister also came up from Sheffield were she lives with her husband. So we took my grandmother and all went out for a meal (Don’t worry I will talk about bikes at some point in this post!). Here is a picture of my lovely family from last night, purely to take up room so it looks like I am writing more and Dan doesn’t tell me off for such a naff post!

Sorry the quality is terrible I am possibly one of the last people in the world to still own an iPhone 3G with naff camera!!

Anyway, as you can imagine by the time I got in from the meal I was exhausted, add to that the couple of glasses of wine I had with my meal and I pretty much just fell into bed and any hope of doing a blog was long gone.

So now I will tell you all about my Saturday evening! I was photographing the Caravan Society Variety Performance Gala Ball 2011, try saying that when you have had a few drinks! The caravan society has nothing to do with Caravans, it is actually a charity organisation to help green grocers, and not Mr. Bloggs on the street corner fruit stall, we are talking green grocers like the Co-Operative. Big names in the world of food and retail, basically the charity helps people who are out of work, injured etc, it’s a big event that is held every year. As for the name? I have no idea why its called Caravan Society, I have photographed the ball for a few years now and never yet had that question answered!

I know previously I told you I worked in the funeral industry and now I am saying I am photography, the funeral job is a my day job, the photography I just do freelance, it’s a long and rather dull story.

But anyway, you all would have been proud of me and my shameless advertising of what we are attempting to do. Anyone who talked to me I somehow found a way to bring up what I was doing and hand out lots and lots of business cards. With people like Antony Costa, Signature from BGT, the Rockabellas and Bruce Airhead, as well as important names such as CO-OP, Mars, Heinz, Heineken, coca-cola and Warburtons it was certainly a good crowd to be getting our name about. The night was really good and I think fun was had by all! I always feel really privileged to be part of this amazing night, and I am so pleased with how it all went. Here are a few photos from the fantastic evening that I thought I would share with you all.

But other than publicising what we are doing, I haven’t done much else with regards to riding my bike, work and family life seem to have taken over a bit over the last few days. Alas I was not able to ride my bike on Saturday to the event and had to use public transport instead, as I couldn’t find a way of attaching my overnight bag, my ball gown, my camera AND my step ladders all to the bike without looking like this:

As promised that was me at least mentioning a bike!!

So that was my weekend guys, sorry this post isn’t one of my best but I will try making up for it tomorrow. Please if you haven’t done so already, please support us in any way you can, so we can help this amazing charity. Please go to www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge to donate.

Nikki xx


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