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So, as stated last night, Nikki is working on a photography shoot tonight till 4am (which I do not envy at all), so I am writing tonight’s entry.

Yesterday, I said that I was going to attempt to ride another 2o miles on the exercise bike… I did! And in under an hour too!

 32.2Km = 20 Miles

 And completed in 56 mins, 21 seconds


I looked for details of the bike on the Argos website and found this:

“Pro Fitness Exercise Cycle.

Manual resistance system. Console feedback including: calorie (theoretical calorie burn), distance (miles), scan, speed (mph), and time (minutes/seconds) modes. Variable tension control. Self levelling pedals with pedal straps. Maximum user weight 100kg/15st10lb. General information: Batteries required 2 x AAA (not included). Size H113, W45, D79cm. Weight 15kg. Requires assembly.”
As Nikki would say, “Go me!”. All the time whilst riding, I thought that the cycle computer was working in Kilometers. Turns out I did over 60 Miles on it yesterday, averaging between 35 to 42 mph, in roughly 2 hours! No wonder my legs ached today!
If we can get a pace like that going out on the roads, we should hopefully meet our target distance of 70 miles a day!
Something that thankfully isn’t 70 miles away is the Virgin Money Giving website, www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge. Please visit it to read our mission statement or to donate to the amazing charity, the NSPCC, which we are raising money for.

One response to “Encore!

  1. To be fair Dan – anything over 30mph on the road for a sustained period is unrealistic. I manage that sort of speed on a well set up hybrid only on downhills and with a following wind. a more realistic flat speed is 20mph. think you need to be looking to up the resistance or gradient settings and getting a couple of hours in at a time. no point in just whizzing the pedals round with no resistance.

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