“The only limits on human achievement are self-imposed”

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So today I had my first real and frightening moment of doubt. If I am honest there is no real reason for my doubt, nothing has changed, training is still going well, and I have done well getting on with the planning, so where has this doubt come from?

Why am I suddenly worried this is going to happen:

or this:

Ok so that’s all worse case scenarios, and if that happens we have had something go seriously wrong. Although it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that the chain could come off or break like this:

So what do we do then? Do we have an entourage follow us everywhere? Do we push it the rest of the way to France if that happens? Do we call the whole thing off? Or do I stop being so girly and learn what I have to do to fix my bike. Alas I think it has to be the latter option.

Actual I said above I don’t know where my fear came from but actually I do, riding home from my grandmas on Wednesday night my bike chain came off. I had no idea how to fix this and it was about to start raining, so I knew if I had to walk home I would get soaked. So I had to, with my tail between my legs, ring Dan up and get him to talk me through how to fix it there and then on the side of the road before I got soaked. I looked a right plonker, you can imagine the looks I got from everyone passing by.  Here I was, this rather girly girl, in a dress, trying my best to awkwardly put a chain back on, while holding a phone up to my ear and doing my utmost best to not get oil on my clothes and to keep my hair out my eyes, all at the same time.

I managed to get the chain back on but sadly couldn’t change the gear, so it was a slightly tough ride back as it was stuck in 6th gear, thank fully it wasn’t that far to get home. But as for fixing it so that the gears can be changed again, that I have had to wait til Dan could come round tonight to look at it. (In case anyone is wondering the bike is doing ok now, it is still having a problem with 5th gear though and needs to go back to the bike doctors).

So I think that is where my fear has come from, I think I need to be training not just my body ready for this killer ride but train my mind as well, by reading books and web articles all about bike maintenance so hopefully an entourage of bike mechanics won’t be needed, nor will we need cars to follow us with spare bikes like this:

Please support our efforts so all our training, of both body and mind, will help raise much-needed money for this fantastic charity. Please go to www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge to donate. Thank you.

Nikki xx


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