I think an explanation is in order… don’t you?!

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So, yesterday, Nikki and myself attempted our first real experience of road riding. We set off to Burnley, travelling through Barrowford, Nelson, and Brierfield. It seemed that most of the journey was an uphill struggle, however, not once did either of us get off and push! I honestly think that after just under 2 weeks, we have gotten fitter! Not only do we both feel fitter, we look it as well.

Nikki and Dan by the canal with their bikes

Nikki has still been having trouble with her gears, which seem to be changing by themselves. So, we swapped bikes for a short time for me to assess whether there was anything wrong with the gears, or if it was something Nikki was doing. That was when a shocking discovery was made! Nothing to do with the gears, rather my seat! Nikki sat on mine bike and instantly knew the discomfort I have been dealing with! And as I sat on hers, I could understand why her seat never bothered her. My gel seat is useless!!!!

As last night’s entry suggested through, when we got home, we ached! That, plus the fact that I had been awake since 5:30am, I was extremely glad to get home and fall (almost literally) into bed

That brings us to today. Nikki’s gear problems worsened when they caused the chain to come off. After a phone call to myself, in which I explained how to re-attach the chain, Nikki managed to get home. I think it will be paying a visit to Blackburn Cycle and Scooter Centre very soon.

As for me, well… At the moment, the UK is being battered by the trail end of a hurricane. Needless to say, I didn’t really fancy going out in those conditions, and so, I bought an exercise bike.

the exercise bike

Now, I can be training whilst doing other things too, such as watching How I Met Your Mother. The tricky bit is converting the computer’s read out from KM to Miles. Luckily, the internet is on hand to do the conversion. In the space of just over half an hour, according to the computer I travelled 16.2km (working out around 10 Miles)

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