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Hi all!

Sorry this is a bit late, I’ll keep it short. In my head it’s still Friday.

This morning I bought a pannier bag to go with the rack I bought yesterday. Oh, speaking of yesterday, the bike went to be fixed. It’s chain guard has been replaced and the gears and brakes tuned. After this was done I cycled home from Burnley town centre, tackling Greenhead Lane along the way (a long, steep in parts, uphill climb). The map of the route taken can be seen at

I finished work tonight at 11pm and had the bright idea of going to the supermarket on the bike (bear in mind that taxis round here drive like manics at any hour, so for a trip on the roads, one takes ones life into their own hands!). The route taken was pretty short (4.26miles), but I was knackered when I got home! I think it was partially caused by the 5 litres of water I was now carrying. However, on the plus side, even after just one week of riding, I can feel myself getting fitter, so after 6 months, I should be able to cope with the pressures of the ride to France. Whenever I could feel myself tiring, I would pick points I had to make it to, then upon reaching them, pick another point. Basically lying to myself that I could get off and push when I got to the point. It worked though! That along with random tunes popping into my head in an attempt to block out exhaustion.

I’ve just glanced at the R2R Facebook page and seen Nikki’s post:

“Nikki: Been struggling with a migraine all day so no progress on the bike 😦 Hope Dan has done better than me today!”

I hope that Nikki is feeling better soon!

And so, given the time I shall call it a night, however please, If you haven’t already done so, take a look at to read out mission statement or to donate.



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