“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”

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It’s safe to say after the crazy bike ride yesterday I am definitely feeling it today, I am more achy and tired than I have been on any other ride so far, but as I keep telling myself it is early days yet. I am not quite sure when I have to stop using that excuse, as at the moment its ‘its only the first day on my bike’ then ‘its only my first week on the bike’ and I know soon I will be saying ‘its only my first month’. So when exactly do I have to stop making excuses and realise that I am just that unfit! As you can tell I dread that day.

Dan has told you a lot about yesterday, so I won’t bore you too much going over all the details, promise! Ok so maybe I will bore you just a bit!

As Dan said we started off on the canal and thanks to his nifty little gadget told me we were doing roughly an average of 7 mph. I have to say this did not make me overly happy, I felt I was killing myself and we were far too slow! Dan and I have already discussed this and if we want to be able to manage our target of at least 70 miles a day when we set off in April we will need to be doing, at least, an average of 10-12 mph a day.

As we were turning home I received an urgent phone call from my grandmothers career that she had taken a tumble in the garden and I needed to get home… Problem was I was MILES away from home. So we decided that while we had the light we would do as much on the roads as possible. This is where our bikes shone! Even with Dans now very dodgy gears, without overly straining ourselves we managed an average of 14 mph, at our height we reached 25 mph! I know that doesn’t sound that good to you crazy cyclists out there, but for the girl with a serious issue with speed who cycles with two fingers on the brakes at all times, this is a real achievement for me! Lets hope I keep improving and can beat a 40 mph challenge that someone has set me!

Once the light started to go, as at this moment I can’t attach my front light because of my new basket attachment, we decided to leave the road and continue the rest of the journey on the canal. This meant leaving all those nasty hills behind us but travelling home at a slower speed.

Just incase anyone is wondering, I managed to get home at a good time and my grandma is absolutely fine, a little bruised but nothing broken and I have been to see her today as well.

Which leads me nicely on to today. As I said above, I ache, dear lord do I ache! I was adamant I was not getting on my bike today! I was not going to torture myself all over again, then what does the weather decided to do? Why be gloriously sunny of course! So this morning I had my lovely father reminding me that once its raining and cold in winter I am not going to want to get on it so I should make the most of this week of sun… gosh I hate him at times, why do fathers need to be always right!

I admit I procrastinated most the day until about 4pm, when I finally got back on my bike, lets just say my bottom and my legs did not like me! My first stop was to go check on my grandma, so like I said she seemed her normal self and is fine, then I decided I would go to the supermarket and get something for my tea. My reasoning for doing this is all because of this thing:

Yeap that’s right, the sole reason I decided to go the supermarket was because I now have a basket! Every since I was little I have had a fascination with all things vintage and girly, and every bike I have every owned I have wanted a wicker basket on the front and now I finally have one! I imagine going the shop and getting my bread and eggs and a bunch of flowers, obviously, and placing them carefully in my basket and then riding back to my beautiful little country cottage so gracefully and serenely just like Audrey Hepburn would do. So in my mind I look exactly like this:

That is right in my mind, I am Kelly brook. I have the high heel Christian Louboutin, the vintage Dior dress, the cute basket on my bicycle and of course the wind blowing in my beautiful long hair. I ride my bike as though it causes no effort at all, I am so graceful on it!

However the reality is this:

I am Fern Britton… slightly plump, hot and sweaty with a very unsexy helmet and leggings  on and pushing my bike up the hill!

Please can I live in my dream world just a little longer….

I hope everyone is enjoying our blogs and watching our progress, I realise how much of fools we are both making of ourselves at the moment, but it is all for such a good cause. Please please support us in any way you can so that all our efforts aren’t in complete vain, please go to www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge to donate.

Nikki xx

p.s. The quote in the title is by Walt Disney, it is a quote I love… I plan to keep pursueing my dream and I WILL look like Kelly Brook by the end of this journey!


3 responses to ““All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”

  1. I manage an average of somewhere between 12.5 and 13mph on my commute to work. normally i touch 30mph somewhere on the commute, and 40 if the wind is right. you do need to get out as much as you can while it is still dry cos riding in the wet and wind and dark is not nice! and snow adds an extra excitement to proceedings. As for the basket on the front? thought you might.

    • As I have recently found out over the last few days, riding in the wet rain and dark is, as you said, very very ‘not nice’. It is making my will to get out on the bike diminish everyday which isn’t good news when it come to training! Its true I think the whole world, or at least all my friends, must have known I would get a basket at the first available oppotunity! – Nikki x

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