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“No Pain, no gain” I called back to Nikki during last nights bike ride… Then I hit a pot hole, bounced on the bike seat, and definitely felt the pain!

Today I haven’t actually ridden the bike on account of being knackered! Partially because of last nights little adventure (I’ll explain in a moment), and partially due to late nights and early mornings. I have however worked on admin things such as publicising R2R Challenge, and planning a route for a ride tomorrow.

Last night was an adventure to say the least. The trials and tribulations of large uphill struggles, learning what happens when you cross a dual carriageway with a bike, and getting a bit lost in the dark! (a shortcut didn’t go quite to plan)

Needless to say, after the first bit of serious cycling we’d both done in years, today, we are both in pain, pain to which I’m referring as a “bike hangover”. The logical side of my mind is saying “Why are you doing this!? It causes pain, stop it!”, however the slightly crazy part is wanting to get back on the bike and do it all again! That’s obviously the side I shall pay attention to.

Also, I have just downloaded the “Cyclemeter” app from the iTunes app store and linked it to the @ChallengeR2R twitter account, so hopefully on the ride tomorrow, the app will automatically tweet our progress. After tomorrow’s ride, I will also try to work out how to upload maps of our routes from the app.

Please, If you haven’t already done so, take a look at www.virginmoneygiving.com/r2rchallenge to read out mission statement or to donate



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