Kind words and support, exactly what my sanity required!

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So today our Facebook page got launched! The address is What I want to say is thank you so much for the amazing support that we have already received. We have had such lovely responses from so many people and a few who also thought we are completely barmy!

I admit I was a little nervous announcing to the world the plans we had in case they had me committed to mental institute straight away, but after the first person offered me kind words and support my fears melted away and I came to the realisation, that “you know what I can do this”. Of course that doesn’t mean I am not sitting bolt up right in bed at night panicking that what happens if I fail at this or what if I can’t find us food and we starve! But other than those few desperate moments I am feeling much more confident!

I don’t know if I mentioned it in one of my other post but Dan and I have come to an agreement that we will take a small lightweight pop up tent “just in case”. Although I am still refusing to use it at the moment and I am hoping that I am able to sort out accommodation for all the night’s and the hideous thing doesn’t have to get used!

I also spent my morning sending out loads of letters and emails in the hope of securing for myself and Dan a sponsorship of a gym membership for the next 6 months. I will keep you all updated of how I fair with that.

Speaking of Dan, he is surpassing me slightly now he has his bike and is riding it to work every single day, although I hear it too some getting used to and after day one decided that a gel seat alone wasn’t enough padding and is now the proud owner of a pair of padded cycling shorts! I haven’t had the chance to laugh see them yet as he wore his jeans over them when I saw him yesterday evening when he popped round so we could make the flyers and business cards to hand out. I would also like to point out that Dan isn’t complete top of the class yet as he did drive to mine and not ride his bike, but I guess in his defence it is 13 miles and still only a few days into training and it was night-time!

So I am not completely left behind I have dug my old exercise bike out from under the stairs, and yes it doesn’t just look like it’s from the 1970’s, it IS from the 1970’s and the seat feels like it too. I will post pictures when I am next on of the hilarity that was me on this ancient exercise bike.

So as my Nanna would say that is up to press! If you haven’t done so already please go to and donate in any way you can to help this amazing charity.

Nikki xx


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