Day 1: Dan’s Perspective

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Firstly, I would like to thank Nikki for her kind words in her previous post. I am proud to say that myself and are a part of this fundraising effort.

I see that she has had a very productive day getting the Twitter feed, the blog, and the Picasa gallery up and running.

I have also been busy with this project. Firstly, I bought a bike today and a lot of accessories for it, i.e. helmet, lights, gloves, etc. Admittedly, after not riding for about 5 years, I was a bit shaky and unsure of how the gears worked to begin with (maybe the baptism of fire on the roads wasn’t the best place to find this out!), however it soon all came back to me. I have also been attempting of find possible sponsors for our trip. A lot easier said than done, especially when dealing with huge corporations who have minimal contact details on their websites.

I also was intrigued as to why male cyclists shave their legs (random I know, but I’ve never understood why they do it), and apparently have done so for over 100 years. I always thought they were trying to make themselves as streamline as possible in order to reach greater speeds. So, off to trusty Google and the LiveStrong website. Apparently that is a myth. The theory is sound, for example, swimmers wear skin-tightclothing in the water to reduced resistance, however, in practice, on land there is no measurable effect. One reason for it, which seems very logical is that during training and riding, at some point you’re bound to fall off and sustain an injury such as road rash, cuts, gashes, etc. Seeing as the leg would be one of the first areas to hit the ground, the lack of hair means the injury is easier to clean, and will also heal better. So, given the number of times I’ll end up falling off, it may be worth it! lol. Maybe I should consider elbow pads too 😛

You learn something new every day!

Nikki mentioned the count down clock… I already hate it! While Nikki is questioning her sanity, I’m questioning my fitness levels and thinking “Is 191 days really enough time?”. I’m sure however that we will motivate each other when it seems that we’re not going to reach ourgoal, and that ultimately we will pull through. I think the hardest part of this for me will be the dietary needs involved. It’s estimated that we’ll need to consume an extra 3000 calories on top of the GDA due to the amount we’ll be burning off. Some days I find that I’m just not hungry, and so I don’t eat much. To avoid any health complications, this is something I’m going to have to get to grips with!

All money raised will go to help the NSPCC. As Nikki said, please help us to help support the work done by this amazing charity in any way you can, whether that be a monetary donations, some form of sponsorship, or even a bed an a hot meal on our journey to Rimbard Manor. Please visit to read our mission statement or to donate.

Thank you



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